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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Lucy Fallon on Bethany's 'horrific' scenes in next week's Corrie

Lucy Fallon, who plays Coronation Street's Bethany Platt, has been speaking about the grooming plot which is going to take a horrific turn.

Next week in Corrie, Nathan will pimp out Bethany to his friend Neil.  You can read more on that here.

And Lucy says that it was the most "uncomfortable" scene she's filmed so far.

In an interview with Radio Times, Lucy says: "The most uncomfortable scene I've filmed so far has been the one where Bethany is in the bedroom with Neil. The guy who plays Neil is really nice, but the scene itself was horrific."

"From the point that she sleeps with Neil, she’s questioning why Nathan would let her do that. There’s a scene where she says, ‘You were supposed to love me, why would you be OK with me sleeping with someone else?’

"And he says, ‘it turns me on when you’re with other men. It makes you more desirable when other men want you.’

But from that point, there are little things that make her think that this isn’t right. She isn’t stupid, but because his influence on her is so big, it outweighs her thoughts. But she starts to think something isn’t right."

I'm pleased to hear that finally Bethany is starting to think like this and to doubt Nathan. We already know that evil Nathan is leaving Coronation Street (read more on that here) and so it sounds as if the ending is in sight for this grooming storyline.

You can read our blogger Jordan's interview with Chris Harper, who plays Nathan Curtis.

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C in Canada said...

I'm glad they're having Bethany wise up, even just a little bit.
She'd realize that no adult around her has a relationship like that.
'Milan Bethany' would never have fallen for this.

Newfy Pearl said...

I guess when you think of it - it is the result of the bullying she got from the school girls. She came to a new school, was knocked back by jealous girls, but due to stubborness then concern for her mother's fragile state did not get help soon enough. So I guess this little girl was right up Nathan's ally in terms of a vulnerable target.
I cried when I saw Gail commiserating with Shona over raising a I will have tissues on hand for this episode coming up.

Anonymous said...

Newfy Pearl,I wouldn't say that David is a monster per se as unlike Clayton,he didn't murder someone in col blood in the middle of the Street.He just caused chaos for his family when he was betrayed by them[Nick sleeping with Kylie]and Gail took her other's children's side[No I don't believe he was trying to kill Nick in their accident].
Besides,it's galling for Shona to lecture to Gail after snooping in the Platt home!
As for Bethany,I do hope she has the courage to escape Nathan's clutches before it's too late.

Newfy Pearl said...

Oh no Anonymous...I am pro David all the way....I even understood when he pushed Gail down the stairs - he was so hurt that his mother would connive to have his baby aborted. And I was disgusted when he was expected to take it without complaint when Nick slept with Kyley etc.
I stated what they discussed....I was not saying that David was a monster.
With that said there are those who have said it of David, but Gail does not see her son that way no more than Shona sees her son that way.

Anonymous said...

Newfy Pearl,I apologise for misunderstanding your post,
It still doesn't make sense to me though that Gail wasn't angry that Shona was snooping in the house and for her and Sarah to deny Shona's claims about David.
I'm also not keen on Gail's friendship with Shona either as it does seem to be a betrayal of her son and grandchildren to befriend the mother of the man who murdered her daughter-in law and the mother of her grandchildren.
I also have a feeling that to save her own skin,Shona will keep quiet about what she knows about Nathan and hang poor Bethany out to dry.


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