Monday, 24 April 2017

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 24 April

TRACY’S FEELING THE STRAIN Amy confides in Tracy that she hates Ken as he refused to lend her the money to buy the florists, Tracy’s further troubled that Amy attacked Ken. Adam tells the police he was in no.1 briefly on the night of Ken’s assault as he called to collect some money Amy had left for him. The police follow this up with Amy but she denies all knowledge. Sure she’s lying, Tracy searches Amy’s bedroom, what will she find?
SARAH AND GARY CRASH NATHAN’S PARTY Sick with worry, Sarah and Gary resolve to have it out with Nathan. As Nathan’s mates gather in his flat for a party, Neil watches Bethany admiringly. Sarah and Gary call downstairs at the tanning salon and order Bethany to come home, will she comply?
TOYAH HAS A BIG DECISION TO MAKE Peter tells Toyah they should put the IVF on hold until he’s cleared his name over Ken’s attack. Upset Toyah promises to phone the clinic.
ELSEWHERE Dev and Aidan go head to head recruiting opposing teams for the pub quiz. Billy’s ex Drew pays him a visit with Billy’s goddaughter Summer. When Drew announces they’re moving to Weatherfield, Todd’s put out.

TRACY BEGINS TO FEAR THE WORST ABOUT AMY Convinced that Adam was his assailant Ken builds bridges with the rest of the Barlows. The police interview Adam again, telling him that Amy denied all knowledge of the money, Adam’s fuming and points the finger at Tracy. Tracy suspects Amy tried to kill Ken.
GARY MAKES MATTERS TEN TIMES WORSE Nathan insists that Bethany should stay away from Gary, claiming he’s clearly a dangerous man, Bethany hangs on his every word. Meanwhile at her wit’s end, Sarah resolves to try and make Bethany see what a creep Nathan is. Nathan confides in Mel that it’s time to take the next step with Bethany.
TOYAH HIDES THE TRUTH FROM PETER Toyah admits to Leanne that she went behind Peter’s back and had the embryos implanted as planned.
ELSEWHERE Billy’s amused to realise that Todd is jealous of Drew. Dev and Aidan square up to each other for the Rovers’ quiz. Brian and Cathy grow closer.

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Elsie Tanner said...

Amy is turning into a nasty, vindictive little girl. Even worse than her mother.

CaribooCorrieFan said...

Elsie Tanner, I agree 100%. I think the actress is great, but Amy is an extremely unpleasant child. Hardly surprising with having Tracy as a mother.

maggie muggins said...

I don't mind Amy's sharp wit, but letting the character become a mini-Tracey is really not necessary for the lolz. Would be far more interesting if she was a more well-rounded young person.

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