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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Coronation Street: Why has Gail got no mates?

This week saw Shona reveal her secret to Gail that she's really Clayton's mum.  The two women agreed not to spill the beans on the other. If Gail keeps quiet about Shona being a mum to a murderous little toe-rag, then Shona will do the same. 

This started me wondering if Shona was going to be Gail's new best mate. But the more I thought about it, if these two pall up, then Shona would be Gail's only mate... 

Once upon a time, Gail had a friend called Suzie Birchall. She was great, was Suzie and she's much missed in our house. Suzie was bridesmaid at Gail's wedding to Brian Tilsley.

These days, Gail spends more time with her mum Audrey than with any other female.  Her once strong friendship with Sally seems all but forgotten.
I reckon it's time Gail's mate Tricia Hopkins called in to see her again.  Tricia was the reason that Gail joined Coronation Street in the first place. 
Tricia Hopkins was brought into Coronation Street as one of the show's first dolly birds. She was in the show from 1973-76.  Gail Potter (now Rodwell) was brought into the show as a friend for Tricia.

The actress who played Tricia Hopkins is a lovely lady by the name of Kathy Jones. Kathy was interviewed on The Corrie Years. You can see her in action in the Gail Potter section starting here at 1'.12" via YouTube.

See also: Tricia Hopkins, Corrie pin up of the week circa 1975

See also: Tricia Hopkins - then and now

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Newfy Pearl said...

Gail is ambitious and is a councillor - Gail is content scrubbing toilets. Friends grow apart but they will always have a special relationship which may come to the forefront only on special occasions. Or it could be the writers are dropping the ball. lol
The friendships that were developing nicely have been tossed aside. Liz and Erica no longer share a glass of wine. Michelle could be friends with Maria but that friendship is taken for granted by Michelle. Afterall Maria lost a baby too and had to birth it just as Michelle did.
Even guy friendships have gone by the wayside....when was the last time you saw Steve go play golf with Dev...they used to do that.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Gail isn't the only one who needs friends. At one time, a gang of women from the factory would play bingo regularly. These days, they might all go to a zumba class. People do still meet up with a bottle of wine in times of crisis but we don't see the day-to-day friendships.

Gail could only be a mother figure to Shona, given their ages, with Shona being a Kylie substitute. I don't think Gail's old friends, with or without new heads, should return as that would feel very contrived. Gail and Yasmeen seem a natural pairing: they have children around the same age and they are both about 60. Perhaps we could see them discussing their financial problems/whatever.

abbyk said...

Gail isn't intelligent enough to be good friends with Yasmeen. She belongs with Ken and Roy, discussing books and ideas (why isn't there a book club at the community center?) I like Gail but even at her best years ago, she might be at most able to laugh at movie lines. Now, dumbed down as they've made her, Gail's more of a Chit Chat reader; Shona is young enough to be her kid (she must have had Clayton at 12) but they could still be pals with quite a bit in common. Sally is very busy but does come through as a friend from time to time.

I really would prefer to see more of the friendships and less of the bedhopping couplings. The friendships last longer and become more nuanced and interesting. Get Erica into the Rovers! Gail and Eileen need to join the 1 o'clock club but not on the same day. Have the men build a skate park or sumthin for the kids. What's happening over at the allotments? So many opportunities, no mattresses needed.

Louby said...

Totally agree with your second paragraph Abbyk! As for Yasmeen and Gail though, Yasmeen is good friends with Cathy, not exactly the sharpest tool in the box! :)

Erica is really being wasted. I hate it when this happens. Freddie has now gone without really achieving the character's potential. What a shame.

coconno196 said...

What's happened to Erica's rather touching friendship with Mary? Also, Erica was introduced as Liz's oldest / best mate (from Spain?) but now they barely speak. Although younger, Mary would be a more believable friend for Yazmeen than dim hanger-on Cathy, because Mary is cultured.

Maricha said...

The lack of friendships on the show goes back to what we said the other day about the show no longer having a lighter side to balance out the darkness.
Now if you want to see a character you have to hope disaster strikes.


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