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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Corrie weekly update - stalking, pimping and going on the run

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Evil Nathan pimps out Bethany to his mate Neil this week in some very uncomfortable scenes.  Nathan gets Bethany to believe that she gave away expensive camera equipment belonging to Neil, and in return, to make amends, Nathan suggests she goes out for a drink with Neil. This Bethany does, but then Neil takes her into the bedroom at Nathan’s flat and Nathan doesn’t lift a finger to help, or to stop. Bethany’s confused, she doesn’t know what to do. Why hasn’t Nathan helped her? Why hasn’t Nathan, the man she loves, stopped Neil from dragging her into the bedroom at his flat? 
Meanwhile, Sarah realises she needs to get Bethany back and goes to look at a flat next door to the community centre with Gary in the hope that Bethany will move back to the street.  Bethany has a quiet word with Mary in the back room of the florist and Mary tells Sarah how upset Bethany is.  But when Sarah rings Bethany, her phone is unanswered on the sofa in Nathan’s flat as Bethany’s in the bedroom with Neil. Horrible stuff indeed.

An ex-boyfriend of Billy’s arrives this week and Todd’s not best pleased.  He feels threatened, especially when the fella called Drew asks to see Billy for dinner, sans Todd. And then Todd overhears Drew on his phone talking about him… “Seems a bit of a lightweight,” Drew says about Todd. “Still lives with his mum!”  But then Todd and Billy are in for a shock when Drew reveals that he’s come to Weatherfield to seek out Billy because he’s dying.  Drew’s got cancer, he reveals, and asks Billy to consider taking on Drew’s 12 year old daughter, Summer, whom Billy is godfather to.

Tracy goes on the run with Rob this week. She bundles him into the boot of her car and bundles Amy into the front. Amy doesn’t know Rob’s in the back of the car and it’s only when Tracy’s pulling the bonnet down over Rob’s head that he realises Amy’s in the car too. It’s all a bit daft this storyline, and with Tracy and Rob having a bit of how’s-your-father in the Victoria Court Gym no doubt there’ll be a Barlow baby on the way for Christmas.   Am I the only one finding Rob a bit dull?

Over at the Rovers, after a quiz night in the pub, Cathy and Brian almost – but not quite – share a kiss on the cobbles.

Across town, Rosie tracks down Leah whom she thinks is stalking Sophie. But when Rosie sees who Leah is with, she’s even more shocked – it’s Sally’s sister Gina Seddon.  Leah blames Gina for stalking Sally and says that Gina felt betrayed when Sally cut her out of her life. This confuses Rosie’s pretty little head so she tells Sophie when she gets home and the two of them try to work out what on earth to do.

And finally this week, divorce papers arrive for Steve.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Louby said...

Rob hiding out in the gym was quite enjoyable to watch, but having them go off with Amy is ridiculous. Do they really think they won't get spotted? Would Amy not object and/or just get herself home?

Loved seeing Mary and Norris together in the pub.

Rapunzel said...

I'm certainly not finding Rob dull!!

Newfy Pearl said...

I love that Tracy pretended she was willing to leave Amy but in the end had not intention of that. Right now she is overwhelmed by the thought of living without Rob again.... I think so far she has only been truly happy with him.
I loved Mary and her motherly concern for Bethany. They have really developed this character and I hate to think of the street without her.

Bobby Dazzler said...

The Rob Tracy storyline is a bit of a stretch. An escaped convict who they haven't caught and don't have a body for is missing...a murder no less. Don't alert the public...don't bother because they're in a bar having a couple of beers and some exhibitionist sex. AS IF!!!

Louby! That was one of my favourite scenes...reminiscent of the old Corrie before everyone swallowed the koolaid and become potential murderers.

Newfy Pearl said...

Real life can be boring...and even reality tv is scripted these days. Sometimes we need to be able to enjoy a story where reality is suspended. With that said...I hope they come up with a way to bring Rob back for Tracy.

Tilly Flop said...

Me neither


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