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Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 3rd April

You know, if Sinead wanted to kill Ken, she could just have made him some decorative candles - it almost worked that time her candles burnt down Carla's flat in Victoria Court.

Not that I'm saying Sinead dunnit. My money's on Amy with the candlestick in the hallway. Motive: a better bedroom and a job lot of almond milk. Opportunity: She was AWOL at the time. Anyway, Ken doesn't believe that a member of his family would try to kill him, although all of them look a bit shifty when they come in to the hospital to visit him and Ken uses the opportunity to make snide commentary about each member of the Barlow ménage. He remembers some of what happened that day, apart from the attack, but soon starts to suspect them, he feels menaced by them, especially when Tracy starts to rearrange his pillows (not over his face). Roy persuades Ken to talk to the police, an interview in which he lists all the ways he and his family have argued in the last few episodes. He doesn't remember that Sinead is no longer pregnant, which leads to another row with Daniel who doesn't want to come clean to Ken, which sends Sinead to the pub and a big bottle o'booze, until Beth comes to rescue her.

Rosie finds Adam on Maxine's bench and he admits that he was in a bedsit in Longsight rather than Canada, and he asks her to provide him with an alibi for his whereabouts last Monday night. When she refuses, he attempts to blackmail her by threatening to tell the cops about her drugs mule adventure. She neither agrees nor disagrees, but Adam still tells DS McKinnon and Sidekick Hoff that he was with her, which she resentfully corroborates.

Meanwhile at the salon, Audrey's telling Leanne about someone wanting a Trump 'do, when she trips over the vacuum cleaner and breaks her arm. Maria tells her that she's as much use in the hairdresser's as a one-legged man in a backside kicking competition (harsh!) and even does the Audrey Roberts noise. Aud mixes painkillers with gin in the Rovers and worries that Maria and David won't cope without her.

Gary finds out that Fay(e) has lied about doing an art project with Craig, so he confronts her, although she claims she just wants to be alone - shortly before letting Seb in the back door at Kev's place.

Simon's phone has been confiscated by his history teacher, so Peter breaks customer confidentiality and finds the guy on the Streetcars database. Time for an in-house training course on the Data Protection Act, Steve! This turns out to be the comedy storyline as the history teacher is a Sealed Knot type, prepping for the re-enactment of the Siege of Manchester on the Red Rec. Mr Rawlinson refuses to give back the phone, but Brian, who is a chum of his, persuades him otherwise if, and only if, Bri "fills Lord Strange's britches" in the Siege. I do hope this re-enactment is going to be on screen! Back at the flat, Peter tries to guess Simon's PIN before smashing up the phone with a hammer - what's on the phone?

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Louby said...

I'm enjoying these mysteries, why did Peter want to access the phone so much, and why did that copper want an extra word with Tracy the other day? If the script writers want us to believe that any of the prime suspects could have done it, it's working! I'm hoping it will turn out to be non family though.

dulyquoted said...

re Who Pushed Ken: originally, I thought it was Amy who dun- pushed -it, but I've changed my mind. Now I'm leaning toward Daniel. Does history repeat itself or doesn't it? In the same way David pushed Gail down the stairs after learning that his mum was behind Tina's termination, so Daniel when he discovers it was Ken who pushed Sinead to terminate. Is it possible Daniel let himself out the back, then returned through the front door to "discover" his unconscious dad? Not expecting to find Phelan there, of course.

Newfy Pearl said...

Interesting that Phelan finds two people within a couple of weeks who have fallen down the stairs. Consider the difference in his reaction....that is telling to me.
I think it is time for Adam to have a girl friend. Even Charlie Stubbs had a girl friend. lol Little Mr. Bad Boy needs at least one person in his corner. Someone to inspire him to be better than he is. He needs the nurturing of a good woman.....who on the street could be that someone?

Christine K said...

What makes me wonder is that Todd told Phelan he had a camera in Luke's apartment and Phelan was mad. Why would the camera be still there filming him and hadn't he finished that work? I think Phelan put the camera on a loop at the time he pushed Ken down the stairs. He knew the footage would go to Todd's phone.

Maricha said...

Well, Eva is a good woman who'll soon be available now that Maria's back and going to blow Aiden out of the water any day now.

Maricha said...

I agree with you but I can't see why Phelan would put all that planning and effort in killing Ken over one scolding. Unless...this was a rehearsal for killing Eileen.

Newfy Pearl said...

Well my thought is this Maricha...whether it is accurate or not who knows...
Phelan is a con artist....he can be cruel but he is in control....watching Michael die was fine....but with Andy he was backed into a corner because little mouse Andy fought back...he was given no choice but to kill him. (kind of like when Rob killed Tina?)
So this disturbs him and it is really brought to the surface when Todd plays up on his fear of the dead coming back to haunt him. So skip ahead and we see Ken turn on him like he seems to do lately.... so Phelan, extremely insulted goes drinking....he goes to tell Ken off but things get out of hand.
Not sure how he worked the recording on Todd's phone but he did something....he looked right at the camera....pretty good considering he supposedly did not know it was there.
And there is no way that Phelan would have went to do work in the flat when the object of his anger was just next door.
Also as a murderer on the street he is targeted to die or go to prison...lol

Maricha said...

Being in the same house as Todd, I think Phelan could fiddle with the clocks on Todd's devices somehow to give himself an alibi or put the camera on a loop that made the viewer think he was working when he was really next door trying to kill Ken but Phelan, so far, has been an accidental killer( didn't get Michael help, killed Andy during a fight) while this would be premeditated. In for a penny, in for a pound, might be his thinking at this point but killing Eileen would have made more sense: he might inherit a share of her house or any life insurance she might have. Killing Ken just shuts a single man up.

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