Friday, 21 April 2017

Farewell Feddie - Derek Griffiths leaves Corrie tonight

Many weeks ago, we were the first to break the news that Derek Griffiths was leaving Coronation Street in his role as garage mechanic Freddie Smith. 

I'd spotted in the local theatre brochure that the actor was appearing on stage in this play.  And after we'd broken that news and blogged it, the tabloids, in their cut-and-paste ways, nicked our work and posted it as their own without any credit or link to our blog.

But I still wish he wasn't going.  I like Freddie and I'm going to miss him.

He first turned up in Weatherfield in March of last year, the widowed husband of Sadie Smith, an old and valued customer of Audrey's salon. When Sadie died unexpectedly, Freddie asked for Kylie Platt to do her nails for the funeral. 

He tried to woo both Audrey and Rita, to no avail and ended up working in Webster's Autos for Kevin where Norris tried to teach him how to dance!

And it is to Freddie that we give thanks for alerting Rita to the fact that the a favourite nightclub of his, the Zambezi was closing down.

I just wish he'd been given a fight in the Rovers where he could've threatened to put someone through the square window.

Farewell Freddie, you'll be missed.

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Flo said...

I too will miss Freddie. Such an under-used character that had so much promise. I wish they would quit doing this.

Rapunzel said...

Are we sure he's going for good and not just taking a "play break" like some of the other actors have done recently?

Maricha said...

He was a good actor and there was a lot that could have been done with his character. It's a pity he's going.

Gayle said...

I really like him and hope he returns. He is such a likeable chap.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if my comment will appear as anonymous, but I just wanted to add my thoughts to Freddie leaving - he was such a wonderful character and I really wish they could have made a permanent place for him. He will be missed.

Newfy Pearl said...

I wonder if it isn't time for Nigel Havers to return for a visit. lol
I am disgusted that we are losing Freddie.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any affection invested in Freddie to be honest - he hasn't been there long enough for me to form an attachment.

donna harris said...

There was so much they could have done with the character of Freddie....but I also will barely notice him missing. Shame really as he was likeable and of a certain age which is lacking on the street.

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