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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Pics: The return of Rob Donovan to Coronation Street!

In these pictures released by ITV today, we can see Rob Donovan has returned to Coronation Street.  And by the looks of him, he's been sleeping rough in the Victoria Court gym.  Now this explains why Tracy has been acting so shifty lately and why she disappeared on the night when Ken got attacked.

Tracy has also been trying to obtain some antibiotics this week and has been seen with a bottle of water by Adam, who quizzed her about it and she refused to answer.    Tracy was also upset when she saw Dev checking on the gym last week too. 

So now we know why Tracy has been acting so oddly, she's been looking after Rob!

The pictures released by ITV show Tracy letting herself into the disused gym where we see Rob emerge from the shadows battered and bruised.  He's been in prison for the murder of Tina McIntyre. What's he doing out, is he on the run?

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Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Have to say, I was pleasantly surprised to see Rob, wasn't expecting that! I've really missed him.

Unknown said...

Great to see Rob again, I'd love him to stay in corrie for the long run, but if he's escaped from prison, that's highly unlikely.

Louby said...

I know there was speculation recently about Rob's possible reappearance, but it was still a brilliant surprise. And, just what Unknown said above!

Lee said...

I'm willing to believe he has been released on a technicality. In fact, I'm willing to forget the whole murder. Just bring him back!

Maricha said...

I really liked the character for most of his presence on Corrie but he'd run his course by the time he murdered Tina and went to jail. What would be the point of bringing him back long term?
He'd just waste his opportunities as he always did. In fact, he possibly already has and is the one who assaulted Ken.
Plus,I'd hate to see the progress of Tracy's character wiped out to prop up this eternal loser.

Canuktuk said...

I like your twist on Rob as a suspect in Ken's assault. What would be his motive, what do you think?

Tvor said...

Just after Ken was attacked, the police wanted to talk to Tracy and it wasn't about her father. We didn't find out what that was. Then, on Monday April 10, Craig mentioned a prison van that crashed with a missing presumed dead prisoner. He didn't say when it happened but it would have been just before or even a little further back. 2 + 2 = Rob Donovan, I bet. That's probably where she was the night of the attack.

Diane said...

PC's Tvor & Flaming Nora are on the case....

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Diane and no. He's not Clayton's dad :-)

Maricha said...

I don't think it would be anything premeditated. If Rob went to the Barlows looking for Tracy and Ken found him that would be motive enough.

Pre-stroke Ken would never have wanted to hide a criminal in the past so imagine how he'd react now that he never listens to anyone.
If Ken found Rob in his house he'd likely jump to the conclusion that Tracy was his accomplice and go on a tirade about putting them both in jail.
This is exactly the sort of outburst that made Rob kill Tina after her fall.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Tracy and Amy are about to run off and the spoilers are saying that Tracy begins to suspect Amy. Maybe Amy was in the house when Rob came looking for Tracy, witnessed the assault but hasn't told her mother the whole story. Getting away from the Street would give Tracy the chance to get their stories straight.

Newfy Pearl said...

Good point Maricha.
I would like to say I enjoyed Rob and Tracy together. (Except when he put Carla first which is how he came to kill Tina - so that Tina would not ruin Carla's happiness.)
We have seen Tracy grow, even Kate Ford was fed up with her continually being set up against a new nemesis as each one left. There was no depth, just Tracy scrapping with this one and that one.
She has friends now, and a successful business. Yes it would not be realistic to have two convicted killers escape their full sentence, but you know this is a fictional show.
I would love to see Rob return to the street. If I want total reality I can turn on the news.

Maricha said...

I do wish there was a way that could be, after all Peter seems to have sorted out most of his demons if he avoided the bottle through this recent turmoil.
Perhaps if someone came forward as having hit Tina after Rob did or having poisoned her at the hospital or something.


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