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Friday, 21 April 2017

Is Coronation Street the spookiest soap?

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It was revealed earlier this week that the old Coronation Street studios has had to call in an exorcist after paranormal goings on.  You can read all about that here

The Old Granada Studios is set to host the wrap party next weekend and if you haven't already entered our competition to win tickets - you can enter here.

News that an exorcist has been called in to the Old Granada Studios set started me thinking about Corrie's spooky storylines - both on and off the set.  Here we go with some of the best ones. How many are rumours of theatre-lovey suspicion remain to be seen!

The official Coronation Street website at have a list of their top 5 spooky storylines.

However, off-screen the ghostly goings-on becoming slightly more weird.

In 2015 when Coronation Street moved to the new set, cast and crew believed the place was haunted by the spirits of long-dead dock workers after a string of mishaps at the site. A show source said: “It may sound far-fetched, but people are openly saying the site is haunted. Every time something goes wrong the cry goes up, ‘We are cursed.’ At first it was seen as a joke but believe it or not, some have convinced themselves it is true. t has even been suggested, albeit lightheartedly, that an exorcist should be invited on to the set.”

The ghost of Pat Phoenix, who played Elsie Tanner, was also rumoured to have roamed the cobbles.

And back in 2005 the Most Haunted team visit the Granada television studios in Manchester to carry out a paranormal investigation on the set of Britain's longest running TV soap opera. Were the cobbles of Coronation Street haunted?

Watch the programme online here and make up your mind!

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A Northern Lass said...

As a Tour Guide at Corrie right up until the end, 31st Dec 2015, I can quite honestly say that I truly believe that the old Granada Studios are haunted, I have not only felt the presence of spirits, (no not the ones served from behind the Rovers bar lol), but I have felt a hand brush my shoulder on more than one occasion, I have seen the lift doors open and shut when no one has pushed the button, this was witnessed not only by me but by guests walking along the 'Corrie-Door of Stars', I have also seen shadows of a lady and two children upstairs in one of the corridors near the old dressing rooms and I always felt a cold breeze as I walked towards the entrance where the Underworld Factory set was, I was never in fear of anyone there, I actually felt like old friends where about watching over things, I can't wait to return for The Wrap Party, even if I dont win tickets I will buy them just to be back amongst 'friends' 😃😱😃

Maricha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maricha said...

That's interesting. I wonder what was on the lot before the old Corrie set was built.

PoidaPete said...

There was a graveyard on part of the land, under the tour cafe and park across the road.

I had the lift open for me once too when walking past it, scared a few years off my life! There are definitely spirits there, but none are menacing, they are protecting the place. I swear I could feel Pat herself there.

Maricha said...


PoidaPete said...

Honestly Maricha, when it happened I was very startled, however I didn't feel threatened or anything. It was a very unique experience. There were a couple of Tour Guides like myself who had an experience like me.

Maricha said...

It's good that you still felt safe :-)


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