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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Lucy Fallon on Bethany's proposal from Nathan

In this week's Inside Soap magazine, they have an interview with Coronation Street's Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany Platt. 

Lucy talks about the upcoming storyline which will see Nathan further ensnare Bethany into his web of evil by proposing to her. You can read more on that here.

Lucy tells Inside Soap that Bethany feels she's not wanted at home by Sarah and Gary and she finds an unlikely ally in Mary after they chat in Preston's Petals.

However, Nathan catches Bethany chatting to Mary, demanding to know what she's said.  It's then that Nathan realises he has to do something desperate to ensure that he retains his hold over Bethany and shows Mel an engagement ring he's bought.

After Nathan pimps out Bethany this week to his mate Neil, Lucy says this about the engagement: "It makes Bethany think everything is back to normal, and she forgets about what's happened .  The proposal resets how she feels about Nathan."

Oh dear. 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Bethany can't get married without Sarah's consent until she's 18 so it's a 2 year engagement. I have no time for Sarah. She appears to be worried so why isn't she making discreet enquiries about Nathan or going to CAB to get advice?

Maricha said...

Happy to hear about the two year wait.
On another post a commenter said Bethany didn't need Sarah's permission to move out which seemed bonkers to me. If you haven't been emancipated by the courts your parents should have a say in where you're allowed to live until you're of age.

Zagg said...

The lack of parenting on Sarah's part of this story makes me so angry. There is so much she could be doing to get rid of this guy. The mere fact that Shona has bad history with this dude and the fact that Bethaney's dating him never crosses paths is absurd. People can't pass wind on that street without all the neighbors knowing. And any good mother would be able to tell her underage daughter was drinking. That is where she could nab this guy for starters. It's all so stupid. Next to Jackie Dobbs, Sarah gets the award for worst mother on the street. She's so focused on the next guy she can sleep with. And saying she was a young mother doesn't count anymore. She's an adult now.

Newfy Pearl said...

They could go to Gretna Green like Leanne and Nick did all those years ago.....or ... the engagement is just a ploy of Nathan's....he does not really intend to marry her at all...which is most likely.

Laura said...

The young mother argument is all the more reason Sarah should be catching on to a lot more than she is - not so long ago she was Bethany's age and went through a similar situation.

Newfy Pearl said...

But Laura she already told Bethany of her experience...Bethany was like poor Mom, how naive was she! Unfortunately, it is easier said than done to stop a teen girl from making mistakes.

Anonymous said...

In the scene where Nathan eggs Gary into punching him, I had to replay two times before I caught the line - referring to Sarah and Bethany: "mother and daughter, every man's dream." Pretty strong stuff. Kudos to the writers for keeping it real.

Canuktuk said...

I'm confident Nathan is banking on the 2-year engagement. Plenty of time to use Bethany up and trade her in for a younger model before he has to actual go through with the marriage. This guy is one sick player.


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