Monday, 24 April 2017

Shock pictures as Shona is beaten up in Coronation Street

There are paparazzi pictures online today showing a blood-soaked Shona Ramsey.

The Mirror have the pics and they say that Shona is "left for dead after she's brutally attacked by two men."

Shona is picture trying to use her mobile phone when she's set upon by the two men who throw her to the ground before giving her a good kicking and steal her phone.

The pictures are pretty grisly and show the injuries sustained by Shona, as blood pours from her nose and the side of her head.

The scenes were filmed in Manchester, with actress Julia Goulding taking part in a number of stunts as she's thrown onto a crash mat on the ground.

But could it be just a random attack, or is there a link to evil Nathan, I wonder?

You can view the pictures here.

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Zagg said...

Unfortunately, my lack of connection with this character and her very limited history on the street leads me to...meh, whatever.

Anonymous said...

Another violent storyline with another character being attacked?!A character who I cannot emphasise with as Shona was brought in to justify another storyline for the Platts.
I bet somehow David will be accused of the assault by his mother and sister.
I miss the days of simple not sensational storylines and gentle humor.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:01 I understand what you're saying about the past of non-sensational storylines and gentle humor, but that show was also closer to Tony Warren's original creation, which was extremely sharp in its witty observations about class and gender inequality. That's what I find missing.

Aussie Pete said...

I'd say Nathan has dimensions cronies beat her up as she realises he is Bethany's Nathan finally and tries to help.

Tvor said...

I think it must be related to Nathan.

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