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Friday, 21 April 2017

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 21 April

ADAM IS ARRESTED Adam is arrested for the attempted murder of Ken. Peter, Daniel and Tracy are all equally shocked. The police interview Adam, revealing they’ve found his fingerprints on the kitchen worktops which were only fitted the night of Ken’s assault. Adam’s floored.
SARAH LAYS DOWN THE LAW TO BETHANY As a scantily clad Bethany makes Nathan’s breakfast he takes a photo and sends it to his mate Neil who texts back making his intentions clear. Meanwhile Sarah rails at David for allowing Bethany to stop at Nathan’s. When she then finds out that Bethany is bunking off again, Sarah storms into the tanning salon and drags an embarrassed Bethany home.
KATE’S WORRIED WHEN JOHNNY LOSES HIS TEMPER When Kate and Fiz discusses Jenny’s wedding plans, Johnny snaps at them, saying he’s sick of hearing about the wedding. Kate’s worried he’s getting cold feet.
ELSEWHERE Rita rebuffs Freddie when he invites her to his farewell drinks, still smarting from their fruit machine disagreement.

When Amy reveals to Tracy how she reported Adam to the police and that’s why he’s been arrested, Tracy starts to secretly worry that Amy might be covering her own tracks! Meanwhile Peter breaks the news to Ken that Adam’s been arrested.
NATHAN TWISTS SARAH WORDS TO ENSNARE BETHANY Bethany meets up with Nathan and tells him she doesn’t care about school, she just wants to be with him. Nathan promises to have a word with Sarah. Turning on the charm Nathan assures Sarah he only wants what’s best for Bethany. Will Sarah thaw towards him?
PETER IS FORCED TO CONFRONT THE TRUTH Peter meets with his solicitor and talks through his dealings with Chloe. When he admits he may have led her on and they once shared a kiss how will Toyah react?
ELSEWHERE Freddie attempts to make amends with Rita before leaving the street. Jenny asks Kate if she’ll be a bridesmaid at her and Johnny’s wedding, with her own reservations about the marriage will Kate agree?

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Unknown said...

bye Freddie, you were to good for us!

Maricha said...

Adam's arrest seems very premature. Ken wasn't even found in the room where the fingerprints are. Everyone involved has shaky alibis and skeletons in their closets so why pick on him.

Rita is rich enough to lose 15000 on an imaginary flat without asking for Phelan's head on a pike but she's bitter over Freddie not sharing his paltry winnings with her?

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

How come Tracy isn't secretly worried that Rob didn't do the deed? Or has she not thought of that?

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Also, you'd think Sarah would have a bit more about her, wouldn't you? How can she possibly fall for Nathan's so-called "charm" (smarm's more the word). Specially since she went through a similar thing when she was young.

Maricha said...

She's rather vain. Anyone with a brain could see Callum was using her to have an excuse to hang around the Platts all the time but that didn't stop her from getting involved, betraying David and getting pregnant.Honestly, I'm surprised she isn't getting pimped by Nathan herself.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I think when Ken's storyline is tied up, there will so many unsatisfactory loose ends. I can't think that Rob would actually come into the house to find Tracy; he would be more likely to hang around outside in the shadows. If Rob had done it, surely Tracy would have twigged and she wouldn't be suspecting Amy. This might be one of the loose ends that never gets tied up if, indeed, Rob is the guilty party.

As for Sarah, complete waste of time and big disappointment. Bethany, on the other hand, is turning out to be a great character, especially if you suspend your disbelief about her morphing from globe-trotter to back street kid.

Anonymous said...

The entire fruit machine situation is just baffling. What a terrible end to the story of Freddie, he was such a likable character. Why any of that silliness had to happen in the first place is just bizarre.

Eryn said...

I agree that Freddie deserved a better story ending then the fruit machine dispute with Rita. Agree also that she's so pissed off about that and let go of Phelan's dirty flat scam!? Bizarre is right.
Sarah is stupid. Gary was right to get pissed with her during that first meeeting over dinner st the Platts! I thought Gary was going to kill him when he admitted to being 35 years old!!!!


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