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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Explanation needed

I do remember that Phelan told Ken the wrong worktop was delivered and he went out to get the right one because Ken was angry at yet another delay. Presumably, Phelan returned the old one. We know he installed the new one on the same day Ken was attacked. Amy called the police and told them Adam's fingerprints would be on it so it means he was lying about where he was on the night.

Except we have seen several scenes since then, after Ken was in hospital or at Roy's where Adam has been doing work in the kitchen trying to finish the job since Ken fired Phelan. If Adam's been doing work in the kitchen, his fingerprints would be all over it, including the worktop. Why hasn't anyone, including Adam, told that to the police? Amy would have known, she lives there. It's driving me crazy.

Another thing that annoys me is that people can come and go and never be seen. Tracy has been going in and out of the old gym for weeks, even in daytime, and nobody's noticed? It's right across from a busy caff and a building with flats that have windows overlooking the street. Oh, and it's next door to the flat where Luke lives.

Nathan has been curb crawling in his car and has even been in the pub and once, I think, in the cafe where Shona saw him and backed up. So she's not put two and two together and not figured out Bethany's Nathan is that same one? Have there not been a couple of scenes where they've seen each other even if she hasn't seen him actually with Bethany? And has anyone told Gail or Audrey how old Nathan is?

Do I need a life? Yes, probably! I watch the show, I blog, I write episode updates for a mailing list, so yes, it's difficult *not* to think of Corrie a lot!

I'll get me coat.

Tvor, twitter: @tvordlj

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Tilly Flop said...

Good points well made Tvor. My niggle is, how did Rob know the gym was empty anyway? I know he was supposed to have been hanging around the ginnel, but what would he have done if there was no where on Coronation Street for him to hide away in? Also, how did he get in contact with Tracy? How did she know where he was? The work top thing had been bugging me too, and surely wouldn't all the suspects prints be in the work to by now? I hope the mystery and all the lose ends are tied up soon. I really hope we don't have to wait until Britain's got talent final week, like previous years for the big reveal. That's weeks away

Newfy Pearl said...

Tracy said she should have left him in the ginnel. He was probably looking for her and she found him, while she was searching for Amy. Knowing that the gym was closed - she would have brought him there.
As for the would have made more sense if it was the countertop that had been replaced and was perhaps in Phelan's workshop. It would at least prove he had been there earlier in the day and did they ever realise that he had not gone to Canada...I am confused about that one.
Another storyline left unfinished is Maria and Aiden....I thought there may be some tormenting then a big blowup when Eva found out about the affair...but that is dropped.
Phelan is set to be Seb's talk of his getting his comeuppance. The people who lost money to him did not even make a peep about Eileen and her new vehicle. I still think Phelan bought it and is hiding it by saying it was the result of a lottery.
So many things going on right now that it is confusing.....but saddest of all. The attack on Ken does not make sense right from the start. We saw him heading to the kitchen where he heard a noise....yet even though there was a struggle that bruised his wrists (face on attack) and a smack to the back of his head (could have fell back trying to escape whomever was holding his wrists) they insist he fell down the stairs. I think Peter even mentioned that it was luck he did not get bruised or broken ribs which could have occurred with such a fall.
I love he Agatha Christie who done its where it pieces together and you can guess if you pay attention....not the bring in an unlikely character at the end that we did not even consider.....which I think will happen here.

the_mnx said...

I think it was the "wrong" countertop that Adam's fingerprints were on - he said he hadn't been back to the house before Ken's attack (i.e. when the new top was fitted) so there's no reason for his fingerprints to be on the "wrong" countertop. Of course, I have no idea where that countertop has been all this time - maybe at Phelan's yard? But it wasn't very well explained in the show, really.

Tilly Flop said...

Thanks for your help there Newfy Pearl, but it's only guesswork we're working with here. Surely when Rob/Tracy were chatting in the gym, Tracy could've said something like "Why on earth did i have to bump into you that night when i was looking for Amy?" Contrived maybe, but that would've tied up one loose end, whereas now we're just second guessing and trying to come up with our own theories. Does anyone know if we have to wait BGT final week to find out whodunnit?

Anonymous said...

I reckon the police took the fingerprints off the current worktop way back, right after they launched the investigation - remember when we saw Phelan being refused entry to the house? So Adam's prints should not be on them as he hadn't returned to the house at that point, having 'flown in' from Canada and gone straight to the hospital. If they are on there, that proves he went back to the house AFTER the worktop was fitted on the day Ken was attacked but BEFORE the police let the family back in a day or two later.
Not very clearly explained as it seemed like the police dusted the house for fingerprints as a result of Amy's phone call even though we didn't see that and that would make no sense as everybody's prints would be all over the kitchen by then. So I think we have to assume they just checked the prints they took weeks ago.

Newfy Pearl said...

That makes perfect sense Anonymous (wish you had left your name) Thanks for that. :-)

Tvor said...

Thanks. I hate it when things really aren't clear and they don't even give you a throwaway line. You can only assume so much before you're rewriting the bits they don't tell you.

Anonymous said...

Re Nathan, Bethany, and Roy's Rolls. I'm certain I remember a scene where Nathan and Bethany were having breakfast together there. Am I losing it? And if they did show up there together, what kind of crazy risk was Nathan taking, knowing that Shona often works there?

Thanks Tvor for lining up the pins. Hopefully we'll knock them down by and by :)

Maricha said...

Thanks, you're so observant:-)
I'd completely forgotten that the police didn't let anyone in right after Ken's accident. They must have tested for prints then and now that Amy called, realized that Adam's weren't supposed to be there that night.

@NickJay6 (Manchester) said...

Have I missed something? There's a connection between Shona and Nathan? Are we supposed to believe Shona was once 'taken in' by him and was with him for a while at some point? If so when did all *this* come out? I watch regularly and I'd not seen/heard any of this?!

Anonymous you're right - Bethany and Nathan *did* have breakfast together in Roy's Rolls on one occasion not so long ago but I don't remember if Shona was there or not but I do remember Sarah was and was either talking about them at another table or actually went over and talked to her.

As for who dun it, yes we'll knock the pins down in due course, although I'm still convinced it'll turn out to be the one you least expect (isn't it always in WhoDunIts?!) so I think it was Sinead - but of course the scriptwriters could twist it and make it anyone they want at the end of the day. I remember the big reveal of Bobby Beale in Eastenders and it made no sense at all how 2 people seemed to put 2 and 2 together from the clues they have us. I tweeted the exec producer 2 or 3 times asking for it to be explained yet it never was - and he never replied either! Hmmm wonder why not? Maybe there wasn't one to give? :)

Maricha said...

I also think Bethany and Nathan once had breakfast at Roy's Rolls once but it seems to me it was when Anna, Brian and Roy were on duty.
Maybe it's just me but after Shona's character was said to be working at the café, I only saw her when David or Gail were in the episode. It's so obvious that her character exists to join their storyline.

Maricha said...

There's speculation about Shona knowing Nathan because Gemma remembered her from their rough neighborhood, she was seen reacting negatively to the sight of Nathan and she has scars that indicate she was abused. I'm not sure Shona's come right out and said anything to anyone yet.

Newfy Pearl said...

Gemma mentioning knowing Shona from the dog and gun was a set up for her being Clayton's mum. We know she was connected with Nathan because when she first came to the street she avoided Nathan at all costs. I think he was looking for her the night he found Bethany passed out in the ginnel.

Tvor said...

Maricha, yes you are likely correct, the original fingerprints would have had Adam's on them. It wasn't clear. It sounded to me as if Amy wanted them to take more fingerprints and that's what threw me off. Thanks!

I seem to recall when Billy took in Shona there was a scene where she made eye contact with Nathan across the cobbles, before he found Bethany passed out in the ginnel. She told Billy she had an abusive ex and I'm sure at some point she encountered him in the cafe but neither said anything. The tension was thick in the air. She also reacted to Gail talking about Nathan as Bethany's boyfriend but when she found out how old Gail thought he must be, not having met him, she relaxed. The hints have been there.

Unknown said...

Amy pushed Ken down the stairs to get the inheritance money, like Mother like daughter. As for Tracy and no one noticing her wouldn't anyone notices a broken door either? Some times these writers don't think or remember. For instance back in 1999 when Alf was told he would get a street named after him and he asked for Coronation St. they told him it wouldn't exist in 5 years.


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