Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Julia Goulding reveals what's next for Shona in Coronation Street

Julia Goulding, who plays Shona Ramsey on Coronation Street, was interview on ITV's Lorraine this morning to reeal what happens next for her character in Corrie.

You can read our blogger Rachel's review of last night's show when Shona's secret was revealed.

She says that she feels relieved that Shona's secret is finally out. But what could happen next, especially after Pat Phelan saw Shona in prison visiting her son Clayton?

I'm looking forward to the friendship between Shona and Gail, two mothers with destructive sons, it could be something special. Gai needs a friend, that's for sure.  She also says that Shona's relationship with David will continue to improve but she says "imagine how complicated a romance between them would be!"

She says that the relationship between her and Nathan will be playing out. Shona doesn't yet know that Bethany is going out with Nathan and when she does, there will be repercussions, says Julia.

Julia also says she's a huge Coronation Street fan and had her fifth birthday party on the old Coronation Street tour.  She also revealed her most embarassing moment on set when she first started working there when Helen Worth (Gail) had to tell Julia that her flies were undone!

You can watch the video interview here, it's nice.

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C in Canada said...

Ah! I thought Shona may have something to do with Nathan's downfall, since she made her extreme dislike of him very obvious in the café the one time Nathan was in there.
She doesn't look old enough to be Clayton's mom though.

Eryn Clarke said...

I'd like to see a romance between Shona and David. Perhaps a love triangle, David, Maria and Shona! That Pat...get rid!!! Same with Nathan. If Shona saves Bethany than perhaps David can see past who her son is!??

C in Canada said...

Eryn has a good point - if Shona saves Bethany that would go a long way to redeeming herself (with David anyway) considering who her son is.

Maricha said...

It would, but that relationship is doomed. Sooner or later Clayton will get out of jail. Shona still wants a relationship with her son while David will want that murderer far away from his children.

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