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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Corrie weekly update - any chance of a bunk up?

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There was a secret revealed and a Rover returned in this week’s Corrie. The secret was Shona’s as we finally got to find out what it was she’s been hiding – she’s Clayton’s mum. Clayton, you’ll remember, is the guy who is in prison for killing Kylie Platt. He’s the guy who David tried to kill by crashing his car full of petrol into his prison van, only David’s plan went wrong and Anna ended up on fire. Shona reveals her true identity to Gail after she overhears Gail and Sarah talking about David and Clayton.  Shona tells Gail that if she keeps quiet about her being killer Clayton’s mum then she’ll keep quiet about Gail’s son David trying to kill Clayton. Still with me so far? Good. I’m getting confused myself. What did come out of this was, if not a friendship, then a respect between Shona and Gail, two mothers united by murderous, killing men.
Talking of murderous, killing men, this week saw the return of Rob Donovan. He’s on the run from prison after escaping from a prison van transferring him to another jail.  He’s been hiding out in the Victoria Court gym for weeks and Tracy has been looking after him, feeding him and tending to his nasty gash. Now that we know where Tracy has been heading to and why she’s being so secretive, this rules her out of the attack on Ken.  Top marks go to the writers for giving Rob a heck of a return line, to Tracy. “Say summat!” she tells him to which he replies: “I suppose a bunk up’s out of the question?”

Adam’s taken in for questioning about Ken’s attack after his fingerprints are found on Ken’s new kitchen worktop. Fingerprints were taken on the night of the attack and results have just come through, all these weeks later, to prove that Adam touched the newly installed worktop the night that Ken was attacked.  Still with me so far? Good. But it’s Amy who rings the cops and dobs Adam in. How does she know Adam was in the house the night of the attack and touched the new worktops? As I said earlier, Corrie’s getting confusing, or is it just me starting to zone out and not care, which is far worse than being confused about plot holes. Come on Corrie, pull yourself together and stop alienating character development for the sake of headlines and storylines.

Adam’s also on the hunt for Daniel’s mum, he wants to know what’s going on and what Daniel is hiding. He starts by trying to track down Daniel’s mum Denise’s ex-fella, Brian Dunkley, but gets nowhere fast.

Elsewhere this week, Sophie and Rosie track down Sally’s stalker and confront her in the street. It’s a young woman called Leah who blames her step mum for the stalking. “She’s always on the internet causing trouble,” Leah says. 

Over at the Bistro, Leanne’s not best pleased to find out that Robert’s installed Michelle and has her running the place while Leanne’s off on maternity leave.

Meanwhile, in the Rovers, an old friend of Fiz’s turns up, a fella called Kim that she was in care with, many years ago.  Tyrone’s not happy to find out Kim is a man when he’d been expecting a woman and doesn’t much like Fiz having a man friend.

Freddie left this week – and without a proper goodbye. He gave Rita the £100 she thinks he owes her after his fruit machine win, which was good of him. But better than that, he left Rita with a smile on her face after he gave her a poster from her days as a singer that he’d found online. He also gave Audrey a letter in a sealed envelope and both Audrey and Rita are being secretive about their gifts from the man.  After a cuddle with Kylie’s kids, Freddie left for Scotland without even calling in to the Rovers for a farewell drink. I do hope he’ll be back.

Over in Underworld, Jenny Bridezilla Bradley sets up a wedding corner for her bits and bobs as she plans her nuptials. Poor Johnny’s not well and it’s only Kate who’s noticed, so far. Jenny asks Kate to be her bridesmaid and Kate’s too polite to refuse.

And finally, the grooming storyline gets worse. Nathan creates a rift between Sarah and Bethany, who refuses to return home and says she’s moved in with Nathan. She’s also been bunking off school. I almost threw up my tea when Nathan took a picture of Bethany and sent it to his mate Neil who texted back with “My go next”. Ena Sharples will be spinning in her grave.
And that’s just about that for this week.
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Anonymous said...

Rita said Freddie was putting money before friendship, but she stopped talking to him first. Freddie is also retiring and moving away and the hundred pounds might have helped tide him over, but that never entered her mind. Then in the pub, she got quite snippy when Audrey wanted to keep a memory of Freddie to herself. I like Rita, but she put a scowl on my face today. lol

Humpty Dumpty said...

One thing I haven't understood yet about the grooming storyline is Sarah's role. Are the writers intentionally presenting her as dim or as an average mother who might not see bad things happening in plain sight? Sarah has two brothers who would probably be willing to make discreet enquiries on her behalf. Maybe now after that telephone conversation with Bethany she will rope in other people to help. I can't help but think that if your 16 year old daughter had a 30 year old boyfriend, you would be looking on social media, asking round, to see if anyone knows him.

Newfy Pearl said...

This is certainly an issue that Nick would excel at Humpty in that when he steps up as head of the family he does it quite well...but he is busy with Steve's baby.
David sees no point in interfering as he remembers that teenagers do what they want anyhow. He probably remembers his dad at 38 living with 16 year old Katie and sees it as just a perv without the heinous inclinations.
Gary is all for setting things straight but Sarah is afraid of pushing Bethany further away.
But if Sarah had any doubts about what she is dealing with, this phone call with Bethany should open her eyes to the evil that really lurks in Nathan.
Of course....if everything ran sensibly and smoothly there would be no storyline at all I guess.

coconno196 said...

I see no point in the stupid storyline with the fruit machine. Rita's attitude was out of character, and she's not without a bob or two anyway, unlike Freddie. Plus, what's with the rivalry between Audrey and Rita? Rita is well over 80 and Audrey mid- 70s. Surely Freddie is only in his 60s?

Newfy Pearl said...

According to Corriepedia: Freddie is 65, Audrey is 77, and Rita is 85.

Lin said...

I am finding Jenny really annoying. The actress is ridiculously overacting in her role. It could be amusing but I think she has gone too far with the head wobbling and mega smiles.

Jo said...

So Shona is Clayton's mum, apparently having had him when she was 13. I am thinking that maybe Corrie is beginning to normalise having babies so young to watching teenagers. Sarah, Faye and now Shona. I know that I am probably over reacting but it is food for thought.

Newfy Pearl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jo said...

I read it in the Manchester Evening News.

Maricha said...

Katie Armstrong and Chesney were also quite young when they had a baby. And, I agree the writers should think a bit more before making every young girl a teen mom or a predator's prey. Girls (and boys) get a lot done in life and in school that doesn't revolve around the opposite sex.


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