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Monday, 24 April 2017

Coronation Street characters currently missing in action

With Coronation Street's current focus on the Who Pushed Ken? and Bethany's grooming storylines, a few of the regulars have been squeezed off screen for a while.

Let's take a look at those Corrie characters who are currently missing in action and try to find out where they are.
Eileen came back from her holiday after staying with her sister Julie. And then... she disappeared again. We know she's around somewhere, possibly out shopping for yet another leatherette handbag. Come on Eileen, show yourself!

Dev, Erica and the twins haven't been seen on screen for a while. Erica made a fleeting appearance with Kev Webster, prompting a blog post asking if there was a possible romance on the cards between the two of them. You can read more on that here.

If we can't have more Dev and the twins at the moment, then please, Corrie, don't deny us more Erica, she's great!
Yasmeen Nazir hasn't been seen for a while. Is she hiding out at the Community Centre? She hasn't even popped into Roy's Rolls for ages.  Where's she gone?

Cathy's nephew Alex hasn't been working in Roy's for some time.  The actor who plays him is appearing in a stage play next week - you can read more on that here - but do we know if he's returning?
And nosy Norris hasn't been on the lookout for gossip from behind the counter in the Kabin. Where's he gone, eh?

Much as I love a big story line, I do find I'm missing the subtlety of these regular character appearances.

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njblas said...

Alex inexplicably turned up one day in the cafe a few weeks ago before vanishing again...

Louby said...

Alex popped up for an odd episode a few weeks ago, then disappeared again, much like Eileen did. I do miss Norris, we need the humour, as discussed at length in a recent post.

Elsie Tanner said...

Not missing Eileen, Alex or Norris. They can stay away for good for all I care.

Maricha said...

I do miss seeing these characters. Seeing them go about their business on the street even if they don't have a huge storyline would balance out the heavy drama of the Ken and Bethany storylines.

Anonymous said...

It's lazy on the part of the writers not to utilise that cast of characters effectively.

As has been said, some characters are centre stage whillst others, often firm favourites, are rarely seen on screen.

Ryan B Oxley said...

Its debatable as we go into 6 episodes a week as to how many characters we need and will anymore be MIA?. Alya hasn't been seen for weeks (although pretty, she wouldn't be missed). I would say Rana & Zeedan but Yazmeen is 'battleaxe' credential. We know a few new characters are arriving this week so is a 'clear out' looming?. I cant wait to see boring Nick depart. Although Jane Danson is a fine actress, I think Leanne has run her course. Simon Barlow is the most self-righteous kid on the street. I agree about Maria (ridiculously dull). Sean is living with Norris yet we no so comedy scenes with the 'odd couple', Dev and the kids have served a purpose although Id keep Erica behind the bar at The Rovers. Michelle is dull, Cathy, Brian, Sinead, Aidan, I would envisage leaving but like I say, 6 episodes a week.. be interesting to see how quality control pans out.

C in Canada said...

All the Nazirs have been missing lately. Fiz and Tyrone also.

Anonymous said...

No, Fiz and Tyrone have had quite a few scenes the last couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

You've just binned the majority of the cast there in one go

Corn Flake said...

Why do they under utilize these characters that we love watching? Erica, Norris, Mary (hit and miss), even Shaun for that matter? CS keeps hiring new characters to the show, making them front and centre, yet this entertaining lot are given LITTLE screen time. Is it in their contracts with the show signed as "part-timers" or???
I'm tired of the same plots and storylines.. who's pregnant?, who's going to the hospital?l, who's killed who?, who's cheating on who? "how much dumber can Gail get'? ... using the SAME characters over and over and over and over and over. They got rid of Callum as the resident druggie, but brought Adam in to take his place.
Maybe the writers or Kate Oates, have a limited imagination to write or produce anything but? Maybe they're just so complacent with their jobs, that they're not being forced to think outside the box?
They did nothing with Freddie, Maria and her monotone voice is about as fun to watch as paint drying, Zeedan and Alya, Johnny, Aiden, all of the Websters' - BORING!, Audrey, hmm.., what is she there for again? Gail doesn't cease her dumber than dumb intellect and blah blah blah. maybe this rant was meant for another blog post, but yes missing characters, introductions of new characters, under utilized talented characters making the cast top heavy. I don't get it.

Canuktuk said...

Funny, I haven't missed any of these folks. I find myself not wanting to hear from Norris simply because Rita turned into such a sour-puss with Freddie. So much those two are associated in my mind, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

We never, ever see Kevin's son Jack? Come to think of it we haven't seen Hope or Ruby for ages either!


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