Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Video: Chris Harper reveals more on Corrie grooming story

Chris Harper, who plays evil Nathan Curtis in Coronation Street, was interviewed live on ITV's This Morning, er, this morning.

He talked about the dark Corrie grooming storyline, which is set to get worse next week when Nathan proposes to Bethany. You can read more on that here.

Chris explained to Phil and Holly at This Morning that he's patron of a charity called Voicing CSA and he said: "In counselling they call it 'love-bombing' and it can happen to anyone, of any age."

Chris said that Nathan is doing what the same things he does to Bethany to other girls too, and Nathan's in it for himself, for whatever he can get for himself, financially and otherwise.  He says that to Nathan, Bethany is nothing more than a commodity but to Bethany, Nathan is her world and she's fallen for him deeply.

A preview clip was played from Friday's night first episode where Nathan talks to Bethany about being nice to his mate Neil, who he will "pimp out" Bethany to. Find out more about that here.
Chris says that we're just at the tip of the ice-berg with the storyline at the moment, and it's going to go on for some time and get darker too.

And then on a lighter note at the end of his chat with Phil and Holly, Chris said that when he was given his role on Coronation Street, he was so happy that he burst into tears. He also ran the London Marathon last weekend, to raise funds for the NSPCC, at the suggestion of his wife.

You can watch the video interview here.

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Maricha said...

The storyline is going to go on for some time !?!
Say it isn't so :( If the writers get as enamoured with Nathan as they are with Phelan, we'll never see the back of him.

Zagg said...

I will be happy when this story line is over. Personally I am tired of the "bringing awareness" stories that overtake what should be more enjoyable viewing. This story has gone on for too long now. I'm sick of seeing these two fondle each other.

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