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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Kylie to unite David and Shona in Coronation Street?

Paparazzi pictures online this week show David visiting Kylie's grave - and Shona turns up too.  The tabloids are asking if David and Shona have a moment by the graveside and Shona reveals to David that she's Clayton's mum. 

It's often not obvious what's going on in the storyline from paparazzi pictures, and I think a lot is being read in to the pictures today.   

Julia Goulding and Jack P Shepherd, who play Shona and David, were photographed out on location yesterday.

David takes daughter Lily and stepson Max to visit Kylie's grave and is surprised to find Shona already there. It's not the first time that Shona has visited Kylie's resting place, as we saw her visit there in February.

Speaking recently about Shona and Clayton's history, Julia told Digital Spy: "They were on the Dog & Gun estate and Shona raised him until he was about 10, with absolutely no contact with his dad.

"She kept this tiny little world for just those two, where they were safe. But then the father got in touch and Clayton wanted to know more about his dad, which Shona absolutely did not want to happen.

"In a sense, that pushed him towards his dad even more. He was a very bad influence on him, and then Clayton and Shona ended up arguing a lot, so he just left and went and lived with his dad. That developed his character from a sweet young boy into someone who killed someone when he was 16."

You can see the pictures in The Sun

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Anonymous said...

Nooooo! Shona is much too old for David. And she is nasty.

Maricha said...

Of course they're going to meet at Kylie's grave now that Shona has dirt on David. No matter what he finds out about her, David won't be in a position to tell her to get lost and stop sniffing around the neighborhood where he's trying to raise his kids.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I can't see how David would become romantically involved with the mother of the boy who killed his wife. Resolution and healing, fine but, despite how it might happen in 'real life', there's too many reasons why he wouldn't take it further. An awful secret to keep from Max - unless the writers want an explosive storyline when Max finds out; Shona behaves, rather than actually is, far too old for David; David's worry that if they fell out, she would blab about the car crash. Having said all that, they might not be able to stop themselves and the writers do like a gruesome storyline.

PoidaPete said...

@ Anonymous: Shona is only a few years older, no more than Maria.

I wonder who Clayton's father is?

Maricha said...

For Max and Lily's sake I wish Shona left the street. They already have enough dumb women in their family, no need for one more leading criminals to their door, especially not Clayton who killed their mother.

C in Canada said...

I'll bet Clayton's dad is Nathan.

Anonymous said...

C in Canada - that would be interesting. I guess he'd be about the right age if he had Clayton at 19 or 20. The part I wonder about is Clayton coming to live with him from 10-16. Nathan plays at being the consummate bachelor. What would his grooming victims make of him having a troublesome teenager around? Also, the cops are very familiar with Nathan. Wouldn't they try to get information out of Clayton in return for leniency if they were related?

Newfy Pearl said...

Granted Martin did not come with the baggage that Shona is but wasn't Martin 10 years younger than Gail?


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