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Monday, 24 April 2017

Which THREE Corrie characters would you get rid of?

With Freddie's departure on Friday night last week from Coronation Street, I'm wondering which characters I'd actually like to see leave.  I'll miss Freddie and I liked him a lot, it's a real shame he's gone.

Instead of Freddie leaving, there are a few other characters I could do without and would like to see the back of. 

Here's my current top three characters I'd like to chop right now from the cobbles. I say it's my 'current' choice because my top three constantly change.  And so, in no particular order, for today anyway, here they are:

Sean Tully

He's hardly in the show any way any more so who'd miss him? Eileen's got a house full, Billy's moved on to life with Todd and there's little chance that Marcus will come for him any day soon.  Apart from a raised eyebrow behind the bar a la Bet Lynch, Sean's not done much in months. I'd like to see him leave with a new love and an open return.

Rana Nazir

There are some characters that I try to warm to. I really try. Sadly, for this Corrie fan, Rana Nazir isn't one of those. She's got lovely hair, though.

Maria Connor

Speaking of lovely hair, the lovely Maria wasn't missed much in our house when she was locked up in the big house for a few months.  Her friendship with David might just redeem her, so watch this space.

Which three characters would you get rid of, right now, if you had to?

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Tvor said...

I'm tempted to say all three remaining Nazirs only because they've done nothing with them except I still really like Yasmeen. I think instead of Yasmeen, I'd put Chesney on the list.

Anonymous said...

Rana is my choice to leave out of the three. I like Sean, too bad they don't use him enough.

amanda50 said...

I agree with these three but would also like to see the back of Chesney and Kate.Great blog by the way, long may you keep us entertained!

Louby said...

I agree about Maria, unless they can come up with a really good, different storyline for her, not just another romance.

I'm not too keen on Kate either, and I would definitely send Michelle off to live in Devon with Carla.

Laura said...

Sean could be better used - he's got lots of history and relationships built with many other characters, so I'd keep him.

Right now, my top picks (hard to narrow it to three) would be Pat, Alya, Zeedan, and Rana. Pat's storyline is becoming too drawn out and contrived if the spoilers are true. And they aren't doing anything with Alya/Zeedan/Rana - they haven't really developed relationships/a presence on the street.

It's too bad, really. Alya's got potential to become a character you love to hate because of her hypocrisy and self-righteousness. She's like a female Ken in that she thinks she's better than everyone around her, despite her choices demonstrating otherwise.

They made a mistake with Zeedan by practically ignoring him and then marrying him off so quickly. There was a nice friendship developing between him and Simon, and he had an interesting relationship with Leanne. Too bad they dropped that.

For saying that Leanne would always be part of the family, you never see the Nazirs visiting her and Simon, especially with the arrival of the new baby. For characters that need to build stronger ties on the street, that was a missed opportunity. Especially with the tension between Zeedan/Yasmeen wanting a baby and Rana not.

And I don't want to axe this character, but I have to mention him - Dev. What's the deal with Dev? Despite his extensive history on the street - he was friends with Mike Baldwin!- Dev is stale and stagnant. A character with that much history and two businesses on the street should be more than a glorified extra, which he's been for years now. I like the relationship between Dev, the kids, and Mary (would love to see her take on that mentor role with Amy!), but putting him with Erica and then ignoring him was a bad choice. Do something with Dev!

njblas said...

Can't disagree with those three. But just for variety, I'll nominate: Brian - what was the point of bringing him back? He's just annoying; Yasmeen - never been able to warm to her or find her character remotely believable; Michelle - so beloved by the producers, but not by a majority of viewers, if comments on this blog and other forums are anything to go by.

Anonymous said...

As someone else said, hard to narrow it down to three.

But these are my top picks for the chop:

Maricha said...

I really can't narrow it down to just three. Phelan, Seb, Nathan and Mel, obviously, but also Michelle and Sarah. Each in their way is irredeemable because they have deep character flaws that aren't offset by any qualities and it would take a personality transplant to change that.

I don't disagree that Maria, Rana and Sean could go at this point without being missed,but these three still have potential as does Chesney. They're characters in need of the right storyline. I'd put Toyah and Kate in that group too.

Hopefully with more shows needing to be produced, those in charge will give regular airtime to characters we already care about.

Ryan B Oxley said...

Its debatable as to how many characters we need with this 6th episode looming. Quite a few are MIA at the minute including Alya (?), although very pretty, the character offers nothing. Also, we know we have a few more new characters arriving this week. Is a 'clear out' looming?.
I'll be glad to see Nick 'Mr Boredom 2017' Tilsley gone, Zeedan, Rana (although I think Yazmeen is serious 'battleaxe' credential. Leanne (although a brilliant actress in Jane Danson) bores me to tears, as does the most self-righteous child on the show, Simon Barlow. I thought Sean had left already but transpires he is living with Norris (serious comedy potential, unused). I think Dev & the twins have served a purpose, but Erica needs dropping behind the bar of The Rovers. Id also like to see the back of Brian, Cathy, Maria & Sinead for good measure. All sub-characters, but like I say, going into 6 episodes a week, they will need a larger cast?... quality control may well be required.

Diane said...


All 3 are pointless

Tvor said...

I am rather amused at myself, when I spoke about the three Nazirs, I completely forgot about Alya, making that number four. That's how forgettable that character is! So dump Alya! Actually if they did something with Rana and Zeedan they'd be ok. They've done nothing with Alya and I'm sure the actor is getting frustrated. Rana has become the STreet's medical consultant, like Martin Platt used to be.

Gayle said...

Sorry I couldn't narrow it down to three, here are my 6 characters -
Nick, Toyah, Michelle, Sinead, Chesney and Aiden.
Nick is leaving anyway - good, I'm so sick of him, Toyah has absolutely no chemistry with Peter and all she does is go on about IVF, boring, boring character. Michelle, I have never cared for her and am starting to really dislike her. Sinead, since she hooked up with Daniel has become very whiny, needy and boring. Chesney is more boring than ever an old man before his time. Aiden not very likeable at all - does he ever take his coat off?

C in Canada said...

I wouldn't let Sean go, I wish they'd use him much more than they do.

I'd get rid of:

- Phelan - has far outlasted his usefullness
- Dozy Rosie (I know she just came back but she's already annoying)
- Toyah - what was the point of bringing her back...she's like filler.

Anonymous said...

So many... but Maria is on top of the list.

Zagg said...

My choices are:
Michelle- really tired of her screaming and scheming
Toyah- what was the point of bringing her back for such a horrible story line. Pairing her with Peter is laughable. And her selfish quest for IVF at any cost to anyone is not cool.
Sinead -her voice does my head in. And now that she's not paired with the oh so boring Chesney, the Daniel effect is ridiculous and not believable in the least.

Rebecca said...

I like Sean too. They need fun characters like him! I have to pick four-- Bethany, Sarah, Michelle, and Rosie.

rozzibee said...


I know that's more than three, but I could live without any of those.

abbyk said...

Michelle, for no longer having a single friend or purpose on the street except to make Steve miserable. She could move in with Carla and pay a lawyer to do the same. Wish they had made Leanne a minority partner in the bistro so she could have vetoed her appointment as temp manager.

Aiden - yeah, he has more energy than Johnny but he is dull dull dull and makes some pretty dumb moves. And has no friends.

Cathy and Brian - kicking them out as a pair. He was funny as Stape's friend and bumbling as a head teacher; now he's just bumbling and selfish. Doesn't Cathy still have her house? They could move there. Take Alex. Move Erica in with Yasmeen after she breaks up from going nowhere with Dev.

If there could be 4, then Kate. Why is she still here? Her only friend? Annoying but entrenched Sophie. Or Toyah and her dreadful blouses. Don't need her just to be the disease of the week. No friends here, either.

Sean is well connected to two businesses and has plenty of friends; give us a domestic story with Noz. Maria and David are fun together, and she has Kirk and history, so keep her. Mary has become so much better with her friendships with Erica and Tracy; she really used to irritate but I'm coming around. Simon is better with Amy than Leanne but he should be at his age. Get him a friend. Zeedan and Rana need a story -- they're young marrieds, something should be going on there. He is the only major no partner at the bistro and could have tales to tell, she's the only Street person who works at the medical center, and she will do a girl's night.

Do you notice a theme here? People with friends are more interesting.

Canuktuk said...

Very interesting abbyk, your perspective on having other's (external sources) to give you value (make you interesting) rather than being a complete, interesting individual. There are plenty of folks who are interesting on their own but the tiny little scope of Coronation Street apparently makes it impossible to demonstrate depth of personality beyond who someone is screwing, fighting, betraying, committing an offence against, or working for. I think you've just hit the nail on the head in describing why story lines on our favourite show have gotten more and more repetitive and "explosive". A bit like comparing an action film to a drama. Too bad.

CaribooCorrieFan said...

I can't narrow it down to three, either! My picks would be:

Sarah and Bethany
Rosie and Sophie
Brian because they've done nothing with him
Phelan because this has dragged on too long

I'm hoping Shona, Mel etc will go away after the grooming story is over, but we'll probably be stuck with Shona for awhile. I don't dislike her character, I'm just sick of new characters being introduced and dominating stories while we never see other more established residents. As many people have asked, why are we not seeing more of Sean and Norris as roomies? Or is there no place for comedy in Corrie any more?

Anonymous said...

We mustn't forget that it isn't the actors' fault. If the writers did a better job we would see these characters with much more interesting personalities and stories.

Conversation Street said...

Definitely more than three spring to mind, but for now, we'll narrow it down to Alex, Izzy and Alya. The two of us have different opinions on some of the characters, but we can both agree on these three!

bluegardenia said...

I think Corrie needs a total revamping. I would get rid of Maria, Sinead [who the writer's have totally destroyed], Nathan [who will be leaving] Seb, Billy, Amy [who is totally unlikable]Brian and Cathy and Bethany [who is also unlikable]. Bring to a close the Pat Phelan story line. Develop Dev's character I like Dev and believe he has always been undervalued. Develop Sean's character, give us more Craig...get rid of Michelle..who has become a shrew. Bring someone in for Mary who is brilliant. Bring someone in for Roy...who is the heart of the show. Give the Khan's a story. Get rid of Adam...and the nonentity Daniel. That's about it. I fear Coronation Street is in serious jeopardy of losing viewers if the writers don't get with it.

Bobby Dazzler said...


Corn Flake said...

Dry > Maria
Annoying tired character > Fiz
Boring> Tyrone
Boring> Zeedan
Boring >Alya
Boring> Kevin
Nothing here to see/watch> Aiden
Why is she a character? > Kate
What is his purpose? > Kirk
Poor actress, voice like gargling with marbles > Sinead
Doom and Gloom > Peter
Free Dev up. Insignificant characters > Alya and Asha
Boring > Izzy
Boring > Sophie

I apologize as it's almost 5x's more than what you asked. But, the show is top heavy with these characters. Sadly many of them don't have a storyline, and others need to move to another street as their storylines have been all used up.

My DEF top three would be Maria, Alya, Peter =/

Anonymous said...

How about toр 10 to keeр? Although it might be like Soddam and Gemorrah - find me 10 good рeoрle and I won't destroy your street! (sorry for рaraрhrasing the bible here - but you get my рoint,right?)

Anonymous said...

The 3 characters I think that have had their day are:-


Eryn said...

My top picks to say goodbye to the cobbles are;
The Nazirs

PoidaPete said...

Pat Phelan - Hebis way past his use by date as a villain. Andy needs to reappear, scare the hell out of him and have him sent down.

Sinead Tinker - She started off kinda fun and a little quirky, I find her now to be dull and kinda boring. She moans way too much and she's not fun anymore. Have her leave with some design company poaching her, leaving Alya fuming.

Sean Tully - Where do I start? Started off lovely, has turned in a bitter and mean old queen. Goodbye.

Jeevn said...

Rita - she hasn't had a decent storyline in ages

Maria - her storylines are boring, and she can't act

Sean - he has no storyline and is annoying.

Michelle - her story arc has played out.

Dev - he has been relegated to the sidelines. Lets see his cousin make a return. Forget his name but the one who had Maria mule drugs for him.

Phelan - I hate looking at his mean mug. There was barely any fallout from the failed apartment project. Don't understand that.

Lets see Tracey do another stint in jail.

Would like to see Janice or Les return to meet their grandson.

Flo said...

I'd pick Phelan (this storyline is getting old), Toyah and Brian. The latter two were brought back, but I'm still wondering why as their storylines are yawn fests.

I'd like to see them develop more storylines around some of the underused characters instead of bringing anyone new in for a bit. Too many loose ends!

Anonymous said...

Michelle Sophie & Kate

Unknown said...

Sean Tully (such a grating stereotype - it's rather embarrassing)

Chesney Brown (he's as dull as dishwasher and I don't think a storyline could save him)

Michelle Connor (she's done enough crying for a lifetime)

Unknown said...

Where to start? So many, so boring!!

Bring back some humour Corrie, everybody is sick of the weeping and wailing. Sean used to do humour and could again, but is a gay stereotype at the moment.

Can't restrict it to three, but main contenders in the yawn department are -
Chesney - boring character, boring storylines. He used to be a cute kid, but he should go now.
Anna - whining, aggressive, self-pitying. I even feel sorry for Kevin.
Michelle - as above plus needy, over-reacts to just about everything and is with boring Robert.
Fiz - used to be a fun character but has become a self- righteous housewife and not much else.
Tyrone - always been boring
Robert - can he be fixed? Perhaps if they get rid of Michelle
Cathy and Brian - there for humour potential but there never is any.
Better stop there, or I'll list most of the cast.

More interesting storylines for Roy please. Everybody loves him.

Gensmum said...

Sinead, Craig, Moira


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