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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Coronation Street Weds 26th April episode review

Hiya! It’s just Jordan with this week’s Wednesday review. And yes, actually on a Wednesday. Miracles can happen!
So – where to start? Well, it came as no surprise to see Bethany’s current drama take another turn for the worst. In fact, it’s more of a roundabout for the worst. Bethany – now moved in with Nathan (a ridiculous decision regardless of the grooming, considering they’ve been together about three months), wakes to overhear her cloak-and-dagger boyfriend on the phone to the bank. Nathan tells her that the salon is in danger of going under, but reassures Bethany she has nothing to worry about. When he leaves, Bethany calls the bank to check her balance (can you even do that?) just before being interrupted by a man who introduces himself as a friend of Nathan’s. Bethany questions this momentarily but lets him in anyway. A few scenes later, he is seen carrying out a load of expensive equipment, claiming that Nathan knows all about this arrangement. 

When Nathan returns, he is apparently appalled to learn that he has been “robbed”; he claims to have known nothing of this Mike that turned up. He further reveals that the equipment, worth thousands, didn’t belong to him but to Neil. Alarm bells started to ring in my head now. He labels Bethany as stupid and coldly dismisses the tearful teen. H
owever, I would expect that we as an audience have grown to do anything but trust Nathan and moments after Bethany leaves, it is confirmed that this is all yet another stunt set up by the crafty tanner. By the end of the episode, he has reeled Bethany back in, and persuades her to go for a drink with Neil. He butters her up like a piece of fresh toast once again, telling her that she’s made quite the impression on his mate Neil and if she does a bit of flirting and fluttering, he will avoid a black eye.  
Ken summons Tracy over to Roy’s flat for a chat. Tracy seem disappointed to learn that he is still not ready to come home. He reveals his concerns that Adam is still locked up without a charge, causing him to think that Adam may in fact be innocent. But Tracy is quick to dispute this theory and turn it on its head, proposing that that the police must be certain that he is guilty if they are keeping him in for so long. Just another throwaway line – or a clue? Also causing a bit of unrest, she asks Ken to tell the police he didn’t provide Amy with the money for a new violin. Ken is shocked to learn that the police think Amy may be involved and Tracy struggles to conjure up a line to deny anything, quickly knocking her cup of tea back like a shot of Sambuca.  

And as if Tracy didn’t have enough drama hanging from her neck right now, she is still insisting on playing PA to a man wanted for murder. For someone who has always been her own boss, Tracy appears to be making quite a good PA. It’s clear with all the effort she’s going to – including sorting a car for Rob -  Tracy is wanting more. She persuades him to come out of hiding and go for a drink with her, having got him the perfect disguise – a hat. And because Barlow – fresh from her breakup with Luke last week -  is no stranger to bouncing back, it’s not long before she’s all over the fugitive like the police would be if they manage to spot him under the cunning hat disguise. And whether it was the drink talking or just the need for some more drama, Tracy suddenly insists the pair run away together.
"I can't go back to prison"
"And you won't have to"
Elsewhere, the Weatherfield Window Washing Wenches are performing their duties when that woman – Leah – turns up again. She apologies for her “mother’s” Internet trolling of Sally yet again and then the girls notice her staring oddly at their house. Because people in Weatherfield are seldom who they say anymore, I highly doubt she’s actually called Leah and I highly suspect she has something to do with Number 4. However, if she is a mysterious figure from Sally’s past – shouldn’t she have been staring at number 6? I highly doubt Sally would have informed this person of the house swap with the Peacocks all those years ago.  

Anyway, to leave you with some food for thought - here are a few words of wisdom from Rosie Webster:
"Why do overcalls a pair when there's only one of them?"
"I think it's cause they've got two legs"
"But people have two legs and you don't call a person a pair..."
A typical Wednesday episode - bit of a filler episode but it served its purpose. My favourite thing in Corrie at the moment is the contrast between sarcastic Sophie and Dozy Rosie.
As always,
Thanks for reading!

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abbyk said...

Window Washer Barbie was a gem tonight. That and we didn't have to hear the letters I V F were the saving graces. Was liking the Ken bashing story until Rob showed up without a speck of credibility. I do like him, and I like him and Tracy together, but this is OTT. Even if he did escape, don't you think some cop would be casing the neighborhood where he last lived? And someone else would have noticed Tracy slipping in and out of a shuttered business? Hope it resolves itself quickly. Nathan, too. There's only so much creepiness I can take no matter how deliciously it's dished out.

Smiley said...

Gina is Sally's sister. And when Sally had her cancer she lived in the house where she is at now. So Leah would know where she live.

Newfy Pearl said...

I love Sophie and Rosie together.
But as for Ken.....he really needs to haul his head out of his bum. Does he really feel no ownership of his behaviour of late. So much for what could have been an eye opening experience.
And....I have to much as Ken gets on my nerves, and I love Rita.....are the lives of the actors so empty that they cannot retire? The combined amount of 200,000 pounds each per year could certainly be shared out among those who bring more to the show these days. It probably will not get agreement but since when was it okay to work until you drop dead? Give the younger ones (Like Gail and Liz) a chance lol.

Maricha said...

I don't think the fact that some people never retire has anything to do with the fullness or emptyness of their lives. They just happen to work in professions where there's no retirement age (nor a beginning age for that matter). People need to be portrayed from birth to death.
Many jobs that mainly rely on people's intelligence are like that;writers, painters, lawyers and doctors, for example, often never retire if their minds stay sharp. Until the relatively recent invention of government established retirement age and old age pensions everyone worked until they died.
Besides, it isn't the few scenes a year where we get to see senior actors that are preventing us from seeing the younger ones. Steve, for example, could have had one less affair so that we could see Liz in a romance. If Sarah hadn't jumped from Callum to Gary, perhaps we could have seen Gail get a storyline. The writers should give every character a turn. This is Ken's first important storyline in years.

Newfy Pearl said...

Good point Maricha. I have a doctor that is 90 years old and going strong.
I know his reasons for not retiring and they are noble.
I guess I am just sick of Ken right now. Why did they have to make his so unlikeable all of a sudden. And if so....I hope that the street sees the change soon, not just his family.
Love chatting with you.


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