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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Will Ken and Steve find Amy and Tracy?

The spoilers are in for next week's Coronation Street and we can reveal that Tracy and Rob are on the run!

Meanwhile, back at home in Weatherfield, Steve and Ken are at their wits end. Ken's worried about his daughter and grand daughter and Steve's distraught about Amy's disappearance.

Both Ken and Steve think that Tracy and Amy have done a runner to get away from the cops for the attack on Ken.  And when Rob spies someone at the cottage who may have spotted him and Tracy and Amy hiding out there, he decides that they need to move on.

However Amy rings Steve from a phonebox close to the cottage.  Will Steve gather enough information from her to discover her whereabouts and how will Amy react when she returns to the cottage to find Rob?

Rob and Tracy bundle their things into the car with Amy but will they make their escape before the police arrive?

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Jeevn said...

Poor Tracey, desperate to be loved. Will take any fella she can get.

Maricha said...

This has more to do with escaping to keep Amy than love for Rob or any man. When Tracy had to choose between Amy or Rob she not only chose Amy but told the cops where to find Rob.

Laura said...

I think there's a bit of both going on. Tracy chose Amy over Rob before, and she's trying to save her now...but she also had strong feelings for Rob, enough that she almost ran away with him before. She's also recently come to feel that the man she sees as her father not only doesn't really love her but believes she could have attacked him. Her brother doesn't care about taking her livelihood away from her, and her other family members may have attacked Ken, or at the very least can't be trusted.

She's realizing she's truly on her own, and there's Rob. His white horse might be a prison van, but he wants to help her, which is more than she's getting from anyone else at the moment. Combined with their history, I could see why she would want to cling to him as much as to Amy right now.

Maricha said...

That's all very true, however, if Tracy didn't think Amy was in danger, though she would definitely help Rob because she loved him, I don't think she'd grab Amy and go on the run with him.
If she owned the Flower Shop she could hide him indefinitely. Pity that didn't happen. I can't believe Ken offered to loan Leanne 90000 to buy into the Bistro yet he turned down Tracy because Peter would use the money to buy the pub. Why should Peter's alcoholism become an obstacle in Tracy's life? That really is playing favorites.

Laura said...

I think Ken used that as an excuse not to loan her the money. It would have been interesting t to see Tracy approach Rob for a loan, given that he only has the Bistro because of her getting the money for it.

Laura said...

Sorry should have typed Robert, not Rob. Too many of them in her life!

Maricha said...

Robert is such a hypocrite, he'd say he wouldn't want to reward her by acknowledging he owes her a favor. Any decent person would have given back the Bistro so I know he's a louse.

Bobby Dazzler said...

I forgot about the ten grand that Tracy gave Robert (that she got from Carla) did he give it back? Is that what she used to set up her shop.

I think that Tracy always needs a little excitement, live a little closer to the edge. But...I don't think she went with Rob for that reason alone. She thinks that Amy tried to kill Ken and wants to save her, she probably regrets calling the cops on Rob. I think a nice quiet life is what she craves, acquires, and then screws it up again.

Maricha said...

If Robert paid her back, I never saw it. He had no money after his divorce or he could have opened his own small place instead of getting hired by Nick.
Also, the flower shop was opened before he knew that Tracy blackmailed Carla into getting him the Bistro.

Tracy probably just sold all her old shop's inventory to start this new business.All she owns is,at most, a couple of thousand in flowers and refrigerating units.If Robert had paid her back I assume she'd have been able to put a down payment on the building and get a mortgage for the rest without asking Ken for help.


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