Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Robert has a proposal for Michelle

Robert has already uttered those three little words to Michelle in Coronation Street.  But did he mean them? Well, he's going to be offering her a little bit more in next week's Coronation Street.

He's going to pop the question.  Not THE question, I mean, he's not proposing marriage, but he will be proposing something else instead.

Declaring his love for Michelle, Robert asks her to move in with him. Will she agree? She's currently living in Maria's flat with Maria and little Liam.

Meanwhile, Leanne will warn Robert that Michelle’s on the rebound and she wouldn’t want him to get hurt. Will Robert heed Leanne's warning?

And over at the Rovers, Steve mulls over his decision whether to sign his divorce papers.

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Elsie Tanner said...

I really don't like Michelle and I never liked Robert either, so together they are unbearable. Smarmy, smug, the pair of them. Wish they would both just leave. Robert is doomed to just get sloppy seconds, whoever he goes with.

Lee said...

Robert has turned into the ultimate sap.

Tvor said...

Robert has always been a sap! He carried a torch for Tracy Barlow for years, though married that awful Joni and then got back together with Tracy who was on the rebound from Rob and just lost her mother, put up with all her crap, got involved with Carla on a one night stand when she was in a crisis and now Michelle, also in a crisis and grieving her child. Not only is he a sap, he's a creep, taking advantage of vulnerable women.

Laura said...

Yeah, Robert has a pattern and it's not a pretty one.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth,I wouldn't say that Michelle is vulnerable per se,manipulative yes, vulnerable no, hence Leaanne's warning about Michelle being on the rebound.
Michelle and Robert have been dancing around each other for weeks since he declared his love for her at the baby shower [and yes Michelle was flattered ]despite the fact she was married to Steve and pregnant with his child.
Now that she's free,Michelle will use Robert to set her sights on the Bistro in the same manner she wanted to be landlady of the Rovers while married to Steve.

Zagg said...

Well this dude has THE worst taste in women. Tracey Barlow, that ridiculous Joni and now the fish wife Michelle of the Folded Arms. How long until she's rolling her eyes and busting his meatballs?
Try as I may, I am not a fan of Michelle. She just never fit in on the street for me. I wish they would write her out.

Newfy Pearl said...

Dull as dishwater....ugh. Glad Tracy is rid of him...Michelle is welcome to him.

Bobby Dazzler said...

Geez! Her side of the bed is barely cold! ...and Robert, he has the moral fibre of an alleycat.

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