Sunday, 23 April 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Daniel in drugs overdose

There's a Coronation Street spoiler online today that says Daniel Osbourne will be left fighting for  his life after taking an overdose of recreational drugs.

The story is in today's Sun and Mr Curry Sauce tells them: “The entire family are suspects following the drama with Ken. Daniel doesn’t cope well at all. He will be seen struggling with difficult emotions. Things only get darker as the weeks go on.

“Viewers will have to wait to see if he is saved or if the family are left grieving so soon after Ken’s lucky escape.”

A Corrie spokeswoman told The Sun: “We never comment on storylines.”

More drugs?

Do you think Corrie is turning nasty? Our guest blogger Glenn writes about this here.

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Maricha said...

This is certainly coming out of nowhere unless someone drugs Daniel. At Ken's bedside, when it came out Adam had been addicted to prescription drugs, Daniel smirked as though he was above all that.

Pat said...

Surely Daniel is too sensible to take recreational drugs. Another story that doesn't fit the character ?

Laura said...

Hard to see where this one is coming from - doesn't seem to fit the character.

Anonymous said...

Getting fed up with the Barlow now....enough already!

C in Canada said...

I'm 'overBarlowed'. Come on now. This is not something that Daniel would do.
I'm getting very tired of the writers changing the characters actions to suit the storyline.

Zagg said...

This is another ridiculous storyline, totally out of character. I swear I think these writers come up with another rehashed storyline, put names in a hat and see which character gets burdened with it. This makes NO sense.

Maricha said...

My thought exactly. If Daniel had been the type to dabble in drugs there's no way he could have flown under the radar for years after his mom left. He'd have gotten in trouble at some point and a custodial parent would have to turn up or he'd be placed in care.

popcorn said...

That makes every single Barlow who has been at the verge of death. Can't the writers come up with any different story? Honest to goodness, I am getting really tired of this.

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