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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Aidan and Maria - round two

Next week in Coronation Street, we'll see a major development in the relationship between Maria and Aidan.

It all starts when Aidan asks David about his relationship with Maria and wonders if it's friendship or something more. Aidan tries to disguise his interest in Maria but when David tells Maria that Aidan's been asking after her, she’s secretly pleased, realising Aidan must still have feelings for her.

Then, Aidan has to attend a business lunch which Eva refuses to accompany him with, saying that she's fed up with him not taking any interest in her.  David overhears this and tells Maria she could go to the lunch with Aidan instead, to wind him up and get her revenge. At the lunch Maria masquerades as Eva, regaling her audience with hilarious stories about Aidan. But Aidan’s fuming and orders her to leave.

However, as Maria walks home after the lunch, Aidan insists on giving her a lift back to the street, aware of her tag curfew. Having arrived back home in the nick of time Aidan and Maria are riding high on adrenalin.

The chemistry between them palpable, will Aidan and Maria be able to keep their hands off each other?

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Anonymous said...

I wish Maria would stop being so needy. She is a character whom I feel has been miscast. I was hoping she would return from prison as a confident young lady willing to move forward with a successful career plan and raising her son. Kylie found a little niche with the nail bar -- why can't Maria do something in addition to a hairdresser working for Audrey?

Maricha said...

What chemistry? These two are as dull as can be.
I would have thought jail and having the time to reflect on the dumb choices that led her there would have cured Maria of her interest in Aiden. Did he even visit her? Eva was much more supportive of her during that ordeal than anyone, what a way to repay her kindness.

Laura said...

It would have been nice to see Maria undergo some character growth as a result of her recent experiences, but I'm not shocked that she hasn't. Maria is a selfish person. Always has been, most likely always will be. So is Aiden. They deserve each other.

From the sounds of this spoiler, she was willing to risk being separated from Liam again to pull this stunt/get back into the drama with Aiden. What a great mom.

I can't wait for Eva to find out about these two so she can cut them out of her life and move on. Too bad Liam can't.

coconno196 said...

Yawn Yawn! But I'm not surprised. No plot line is complete until the whole Street knows The Secret. On the other hand, I dislike both Aidan and Maria, neither of whom deserve Eva, so I want Eva to see their true colours and move on. I may be wrong, but I don't remember Maria always being so dim and selfish. Another character transplant for the sake of drama?

Laura said...

I don't think Maria started out as a selfish character, but she became that way after she and Tyrone split up and she started working at the salon. She's been the other woman several times now, usually with a close friend's boyfriend, so that's not new.

As far as always being dim, I remember when Maria was dating Liam and someone said she had candy floss for brains. Not too far off the mark. She's made so many bad choices in her life, and never seems to learn anything from any of them.

Newfy Pearl said...

Maria has no chemistry with anyone....forced affairs to keep her character relevant. She is pretty, sort of, but not much of a personality. And when she tries to look indignant it is laughable.

Zagg said...

Just the thought of these two together makes me sleepy.Aidan surely does not deserve Eva and Maria just goes after anyone's man. The Meerkats are more entertaining and believable.

coconno196 said...

Laura: love the candy floss for brains comment. Certainly appropriate when she fell for Tony Gordon, the sleazeball who'd murdered her husband Liam!

Bobby Dazzler said...

Hmmmm...Manchester tart! That works. Is she so desperate that she must always prey on her friends partners? "It just happened"..yeah

Anonymous said...

Other than Ken Barlow, is there any man on the street she hasn't slept with?

Laura said...

Her brother Kirk lol


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