Sunday, 23 April 2017

What's your favourite Coronation Street accessory?

News that Hilda Ogden's curlers, pinny and headscarf are going up for sale has set me off thinking.

The curlers that Jean Alexander wore as Hilda on Coronation Street were voted fans' favourite Corrie accessories in a poll we ran here on the blog.  You can find out more on that here.

Can you imagine any of the current Coronation Street accessories having such an impact in a year's time - in ten? in twenty?  Will fans be rushing to auction in the year 2037 to buy Liz McDonald's zig-zag necklace, for instance, or Roy Cropper's bag?

In the past, accessories such as Bet Lynch's ear-rings, Ena Sharples' hairnet and Deirdre's glasses became an integral part of the character.

But what accessories have we got now that identify characters quirks and traits?

What would you say are the current Coronation Street accesories which add an extra bit of sparkle to the show? 

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Tvor said...

Roy's bag is definitely iconic. I think Hayley's red anorak as well as Deirdre's belts. Most of the current "right now" cast doesn't really have a consistent prop other than Roy, nothing that really screams that character's name. Even Peter's got rid of that old leather jacket he used to wear all the time. I suppose you might count Rita's red wigs

Maricha said...

Tina's giant hoop earrings were memorable. Right now it's just Roy's bag.

donna harris said...

Kev's purple coat if he still wears it.

Dipping into the past...Jim Macdonald used to wear a Toronto Blue Jay's sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off. Wonder if that was a gift from a fan? or...was he a baseball fan?

donna harris said...

Hahaha...almost forgot ...Ken's Kimono. Sadly we haven't seen him wear it in ages

Laura said...

Roy's bag was the first thing that came to my mind, too. I can't think of anything else on that level...I would have said that pointy necklace Liz always used to wear, but I see they've replaced it with a similar one. Not quite the same.

Vanessa Connors said...

Adam is always wearing a jacket, always!

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