Sunday, 23 April 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards April 17 - 21

Nosy Parker award: Mrs. Kitchen (and isn't she a top character!)

Questionable Continuity: Mrs. Kitchen whined about out of date magazines but we've seen Audrey buy new mags from Rita quite a few times.

Musical ambiance: The Smiths' Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, serenading a glum and fractious Tracy. Led Zepplin's Whole Lotta Love at the garage when Freddie and Luke were talking about Freddie's retirement and how they'll miss each other.

Inspector Clouseau award: Amy thinks Adam's fingerprints on the worktop show he's lying. But Adam has been working to finish the kitchen since the attack. Of course his fingerprints will be on it!

The Empire Strikes Back award: Freddie's impression of Darth Vader!

Lines of the Week:
Mrs. Kitchen "I expect you to knock something off" David "Believe me, I'd like to"
Rosie "Intersex. What's that? " Sophie "Rosie, I don't know!" Rosie "Sounds like fun"
Clayton "Did I have to kill someone to get your attention?"
Gail "Nobody sets out to raise a monster"
David "Why are all the women around here weird?" Gail "Present company excepted of course"
Daniel "Adam's been arrested" Tracy "For what?" Peter "Possession of an offensive haircut" (I'll go along with that)
Tracy "Say summat" Rob "I suppose a bunk up's out of the question?"
Tracy "Don't make out we're some kind of Bonnie and Clyde"
Tracy to Amy "Oh you got your own tea" Amy "If I'd have waited for you I'd be a withered husk in the corner"

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Unknown said...

The fingerprints were dusted for when the crime scene examiners arrived the day after Ken's attack. The police still have those prints to compare Adams to. Adam wasn't in the Barlow household before the police sealed it off. And Mrs. Kitchen is a great character!

Tvor said...

I wish they had been more clear about it. They made it sound like the police went back and dusted for more fingerprints. Thanks Joseph. that makes more sense to me now.

Scott Willison said...

We've seen Audrey buy new mags... but we didn't see her put them IN the salon. Crafty Mrs Roberts is buying for her own use then claiming them from the petty cash!

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