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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Who do YOU think pushed Ken?

The suspects were lined up. And slowly, one by one, they're being eliminated from the police enquiries. 

All of those who ITV say could have attached Ken - Tracy, Amy, Sinead, Daniel, Adam, Peter - are, I think, the least likely to have done so.  They've all been in and out of the cop shop answering questions and covering their lies. 

My money's still on either crazy Chloe as a way to get back at Peter. 

Or it could have been young Seb. Remember that Seb tried to steal cash from the Barlow household when he was there with Phelan? And it was Phelan who told him to replace it, which Seb did.  Perhaps Seb thought he'd have another go at stealing from the Barlow household and Ken caught him at it? Maybe it resulted in a fight on the stairs and Ken's fall?

So, I reckon it was either Chloe or Seb.

But who do YOU think pushed Ken Barlow down the stairs?

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Anonymous said...

I'm really not bothered any longer. I've totally lost interest, i just want it to be over now asap

Humpty Dumpty said...

Don't know why but this storyline is totally ungripping. It's not a 'Who Shot JR?' or that kid in EE. Many assume it will be either Seb or Chloe now that Rob's been ruled out. The main question for me is what is this storyline really about? Ken's not an evil man so it's not about getting comeuppance. It's not working as a 'whodunnit'. Is it about sibling rivalry? Perhaps it's because there are too many people in the storyline and I'd only be bothered if Peter or Tracy were serious contenders.

Tvor said...

I think it's one of the two. I think Rob's the red herring. He was injured and isn't as likely to have been so stupid as to go in the Barlow house. I figured if it has to be any of them it would be Adam. What's really baffling me is the new will. That's got to be key somewhere. Has anyone asked Ken about it yet?

Maricha said...

If it's anyone, it will either be an expendable character like Seb or Ken will remember it's Sinead right around the time he's told she got an abortion because of what he said to her and he will keep quiet out of guilt.

I don't know what the point of this storyline was, it hasn't moved the family forward as the Barlows are no more united or divided than before. Even the will that was discovered is a red herring, it was changed to favor Adam but not changed again after Ken knew he was doing business with a drug dealer?

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

He tripped over the dog I tell you!

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (aka Anon) Originally I thought it was Rob; now I think it's Daniel. I've always thought he had a whole lot of resentment going on for Ken under that perky Dad this, Dad that, surface. There's such a lack of visible anger or resentment that it's unnerving, just like all the other times he's hidden his fury under a calm demeanour. Whatever message he read in the book that Ken gave him right before the accident pushed him over the edge.

And I think it will all be tied into his mom's return. She will have been institutionalized at some point, having left Daniel to have built up even more resentment for the man who abandoned them. Then he read something in the book that made him realize that Ken was responsible for Sinead's abortion--probably one of the platitudes that Ken told Sinead and that Sinead parroted back at Daniel.

In contrast to the people who think it was an expendable crew member, I believe just the reverse. The fact that the accident has turned out to be relatively minor will allow for a guilty Ken to cover up for a family member (whether that's Daniel, as I believe, or Amy) once his memory returns.

I hope it's not Seb or Chloe--to me that would defeat the whole purpose of a storyline that I'm really enjoying--all of Ken's selfish, irresponsible, and sanctimonious behaviour in regard to his children coming home to roost!

Dubcek said...

It was actually Deirdre's spirit after she heard him bad mouth her to Sinead

Maricha said...

That would be so well deserved. :-)

Tilly Flop said...

I've just read that apparently Daniel is hospitalised with a suspected accidental overdose of a recreational drug. There's a will he or won't he pull through cliffhanger. Oh dear. I can't cope anymore!

Maricha said...

Didn't see that coming at all. I thought he gave Adam a pretty contemptuous look when it came out his nephew had been addicted to prescription drugs.
Does it say if he knowingly took the stuff or mistook it for something else?

Anonymous said...

"Then he read something in the book that made him realize that Ken was responsible for Sinead's abortion--probably one of the platitudes that Ken told Sinead and that Sinead parroted back at Daniel."

Completely agree. I think the phrase was "golden opportunity," which, like you say, Sinead parroted back at Daniel referring to his acceptance to Oxford. Also, he outright lied in his interview with the police, telling them how "helpful" Ken had been, advising him about his relationship with Sinead.

As for Chloe, I don't see how it could be her if Peter planned to use being at her house as an alibi. That was, after all, the actual night of their altercation. How could she be in two places at once?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Derelict Cucumberbatch and that Ken simply tripped over Eccles who was wimpering at his feet after the fall and the bruises sustained were from the tea kettle that Ken was carrying.
The storyline is getting tedious especially since it dominates episodes now and I hope it's resolved soon.

Bobby Dazzler said...

Cucumberpatch is probably right!

I think the culprit might be Daniel...he apparently is due to have a drugs overdose. I was surprised at he doesn't do drugs, but thought...if he were guilty, and the stress was too much....maybe.
Ken heard someone come in the house and he was on the ground floor at the time.
I think it might have been a spur of the moment thing, considering how hair trigger his temper is (remember Chesney?)
Either him or Eccles

Anonymous said...

Cucumberberbatch, we know you think it was Eccles, you can stop posting that at every opportunity now!

Anonymous said...

I personally hope that he had another but minor stroke and that sent him down the stairs! Considering his health scare wasn't that long ago, I'm surprised at the insistence that it must have been someone who pushed him because there are so many who'd love to... odd.

Maricha said...

The police officers are the ones who advanced the assault theory based on Ken's injuries. It wouldn't be the first time they were wrong, though.

Anonymous said...

The collective will of the viewers?

Rapunzel said...

I still think it could be Pat Phelan. He knew Todd was filming him. He could have manipulated the footage to make it look as though he was at Luke's at the time. I can also picture his perverse delight in getting Todd to vouch for him.

Eryn said...

The storyline would be much better if this was the way Phelan gets caught for all his crimes

Anonymous said...

From day 1 I've said it was Eccles and he tripped over the dog. Why else would they have been so specific as to show you Eccles in the scenes?

Maricha said...

Wouldn't the odd thing be if Eccles wasn't found hovering near his injured master? He's an indoor pet who gets walked on a leash when outside, so he'd only be absent if someone (the attacker) put him out.
I do agree it could be Eccles that caused an accident, but I don't think his presence proves anything one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

I did it, I am sick of Ken and wanted to get rid of him.

How can he even think he is the head of the family when he shirked his responsibilities for most of his life.

Also if his life didn't turn out like he expected that is his own fault. He chased Deidre not the other way round, she had other more exciting choices but settled for him.

Please kill the character, he is a pompous ass.

Jeevn said...

I can't get in to this storyline. At this point I think Ken threw himself down the stairs to get away from his own pompous self.

Don't get me started on Daniel. The lad needs a tan and to eat a sandwich, what with the sickly way he looks all the time.

When Ken comes home, lets have Mary play hired caretaker. I love her spirited banter.


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