Tuesday, 11 April 2017

New character Kim joins Coronation Street

There's a new face on the cobbles next week in Coronation Street.  A new character called Kim arrives although it's not known at this stage if it's just a one-off or will be a regular appearance.

Kim is a friend of Fiz's from her days when she was in care and gets in touch with Fiz.  Fiz is pleased to see Kim and of course with a name like that, everyone including Tyrone thinks it's going to be a woman.

But when they meet up Tyrone is put out to discover Kim’s a good looking man!

Kim will be played by actor Tom Shaw who has appeared in Emmerdale, Doctors, The InBetweeners and Skins.

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Laura said...

With great characters like Steph and Freddie leaving presumably because they're given nothing to do and become glorified extras, I don't understand why they keep this revolving door going. Why not develop some storylines for the characters already on the show, which would strengthen the history and relationships on the street?

Linda Shockley said...

We have a man called Kim who is a member of my church. His wife takes advantage of the confusion when she calls their medical insurance. They assume she's him.

Maricha said...

I don't understand either. The show hardly bothers with many older characters but keeps bringing in new ones and trying to drum up interest in them instead.

Zagg said...

Exactly! I could totally do without all of the latest new additions. I zone out and think....I wonder what's happening with Kirk and Craig? Or Mary and Erica and Dev? Sean and his son Dylan? Why are they not writing storylines for the characters we have invested years in watching? It makes no sense.
It seems that the much anticipated arrival of Oates as producer has just turned into her disappointingly developing new characters to make her mark, while forsaking too many of the existing cast.
She does not understand the Corrie audience at all.

Cobblestone said...

But isn't that exactly what they're doing here, Laura? It seems this Kim isn't a character being introduced long term, but a means by which Fiz & Tryone can be given a much-needed storyline. Story threads can't happen in a vacuum; sometimes external agencies are needed. I completely agree that great characters are underused, but no other existing character (except maybe Chesney - God, please, no more of him!) could be used to revisit Fizz' time in care.

Cobblestone said...

His medical insurance are not aware of his gender? That's a bit worrying!

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