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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Craig to save Bethany from Nathan?

Will Craig Tinker be the one to save Bethany from evil Nathan Curtis? Next week on Coronation Street, Craig will meet Nathan as his influence on Bethany increases.

Craig calls in the tanning salon to see Bethany and Nathan claims it’s obvious Craig’s obsessed with her and she should keep her distance. 

Meanwhile, when Bethany stays over at Nathan's, he takes creepshots of her on his phone and sends it to his mate Neil who texts back making his intentions clear.

And when Sarah finds out that Bethany is bunking off school again, she storms into the tanning salon and drags an embarrassed Bethany home. Nathan turns on the charm and assures Sarah he only wants what’s best for Bethany. Will Sarah thaw?

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Newfy Pearl said...

If Sarah thaws it will be just for appearances...she will not be fooled by Nathan.

Zagg said...

Sarah's a goof. Allowing her 16 year old kid to hang out with a 35 year old man is total BS. And yes, it may be barely legal, but morally...NO. Any good parent would be doing everything they can to investigate this guy and get him out of the picture.
Gary had the right idea from the get go. Knock him into oblivion.

Maricha said...

I agree. I can't understand why, especially with her experiences, Sarah isn't doing everything possible to get rid of this guy. Also, she should be insisting on her daughter attending school even if it meant taking her there and back. Bethany has proven time and time again that she can't be trusted to be where she says she is so why is Sarah still letting her daughter come and go as she pleases.

Laura said...

Sarah is a weak parent - letting her 16 year old daughter dictate where they would live set the tone for that from the get go, and it hasn't changed since. Bethany thinks she's on an equal footing to her mother, which isn't surprising, since Sarah treats her more like a friend than a daughter.

That dynamic is fun and great when everything is going well, but when things get tough and hard parenting is required the risk that comes with that approach is brought into stark relief. It's hard to suddenly convince someone you're in charge when you've spent the majority of the time acting as equals and letting them think their opinion and say is equal to yours.

On top of that, this would be a hard situation for any parent to deal with. It's not as simple as driving Bethany to school and back - unless Sarah sits with her in the classroom, she can't be sure she'll stay. And what real consequences can she dole out? Anything substantial and Bethany would just end up moving in with that slimebucket, and become completely isolated from her family.

Maricha said...

I'd say it isn't so much a matter of handing out consequences as getting more involved.
Sarah always finds out her daughter is struggling with schoolwork after the fact. Doesn't she check what marks her daughter gets in her day to day homework? This struggle has been going on for months so why hasn't she hired a tutor for Bethany yet? Those are available in every price range.
Could Bethany object if Sarah got involved in helping her produce her vlogs? That would give that much less hold on her time and gratitude to Nathan.
Instead Sarah seems all too happy that Bethany is out of her hair doing things she's vaguely aware of. That's all the more unusual precisely because they're so close in age. Sarah only frets and worries once in a while.
Actually, I wish Sarah was acting more like a friend, because she treats Bethany like an obligation she sometimes remembers she has.

Zagg said...

That was bang on, Maricha!

Newfy Pearl said...

Here is my thinking on Sarah and Bethany.
They cannot help but be more like sisters than mother and daughter because of the age...13 years!
Sarah is still young enough to know that stopping Bethany will only drive her the end she will beat herself up for not doing more but right now she is doing what she thinks is any mother...hindsight is 20/20. Where is nosey Gail or sound minded Audrey in all of this? They should be the sobering influence in judgment here.
As for Gary....he is going to be well needed in the end when this all hits the fan.
And let's not forget....her stepfather Martin became involved with Katie her 16 year old friend...he was I think 38 at the time. Katie's father beat the living day lights out of Martin, Ken shunned him because he too had two young daughters....what happened...Katie went to live with Martin.
Martin did not involve her in the sex trade.....although he did inadvertantly cause the Katie to kill her own father and then herself...
So in Sarah's mind....there is the sprinkle of...I may not like this...and my spidey senses are tingling...but maybe is like Martin...not a pervert....
I would love to know other people's opinion on this line of thought.
Have a great day fellow Corrie fans.

Laura said...

Oh wow, I forgot about that storyline. Good memory!

You're right, there's an interesting parallel with respect to the age difference, but in the end Martin showed his true colours as a scumbag when he cheated on Gail, got involved with a teenager when he was pushing 40, and then abandoned David and Sarah when he started a new family elsewhere. So I would think Sarah's ultimate takeaway from that in terms of similarity would be Nathan might not be a pervert, but he's likely still a waste of space and Bethany would be well rid.

Would be great to see Sarah reference this while discussing the problem with Gary, or bringing it up with her mother or even David. I'd love to hear David talk some sense into her.

Newfy Pearl said...

Thanks Laura. But he was not cheating on Gail..they were not together in any way at that time. But you are right....he was selfish and put his own wants before others and David in particular was devastated when he left.
It was the writers at their best though tearing down a loved character before he left. By throwing in the fact that he happily had another child with the unknown woman was the final twist of the knife.
I like that this producer makes reference to older storylines - like Sarah's abduction - I wonder if this will come up at all. Maybe when it is over Sarah will say - I didn't like
We shall see.

Laura said...

He didn't cheat with Katie, he cheated with a fellow nurse at the hospital named Rebecca. That's why he and Gail split.

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