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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Corrie weekly update - When life gives you lemons

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Ken spends the week in hospital, terrified that one of his family tried to kill him. His face is black and blue and he confides to Roy that he’s too scared to go home in case of his family try to off him again.  Roy invites him to move into the flat, an offer which Ken takes up.  Now then, this whole ‘Who Pushed Ken?’ storyline is leaving me feeling a bit deflated this week. I’m enjoying the tangle of lies that the Barlow clan are wrapping themselves up in but it’s getting a bit too confusing for even my Corrie mind to keep up with.

Peter lies and says he was with Chloe and that she smashed up her house and hit herself too. But did she? I can’t remember that. However, when Peter goes to see her to say he needs her to lie for him to cover his whereabouts on the night of Ken’s attack, Chloe’s house is indeed smashed up and she’s got a cut on her face. Did Peter do this? When?  Adam asks Rosie for an alibi to cover his tracks while Tracy lies about her movements that night too. Phelan’s cleared by the cops but we saw him with Ken’s body at the bottom of the stairs. It’s all a bit daft and I want it to end. There are far too many loose ends and plot holes to mention.

Audrey has a fall in the salon and breaks her arm. Rita cheers her up in the Rovers “When life gives you lemons, make a G&T”.  The two women have a drink with Freddie who plays on the fruit machine. He asks Rita for a pound to play another game and he wins the jackpot of £100 with Rita’s pound. Rita thinks she should be entitled to half the winnings, but Freddie thinks not. He gives her the pound back and nothing more. Rita, it’s fair to say, is not best pleased.

Eileen returns from visiting Julie when there’s a knock at the door. There’s a barbershop quartet and a bunch of semi-naked men in green shorts. This sounds like a dream I once had. Anyway, Eileen’s won a car in a competition she can’t remember entering. Give a woman some wheels in Weatherfield and no good will come of it, just you wait and see.

Over at the tanning salon, Bethany finds a picture on Mel’s laptop of Mel kissing Nathan. Bethany walks out of Nathan’s flat in a huff and Sarah can’t hide her relief that Bethany and Nathan appear to have split up – for now.

And in the corner shop, skint Kev has his credit card refused when he tries to pay for groceries. Erica gives Kev the food and in return he valets her car.  Could a romance be brewing for these two?

And that’s just about that for this week. 

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Abercrombie said...

I did not understand why Kevin did his usual aggressive act with Dev - looking a gift horse in the mouth "I'm not a charity case", but when Erica left it for him he was all smiles and gratitude. Well, that's how I saw this a sexist action, methinks? The character Kevin has reverted to default after a halcyon period of him being somewhat nicer. I know he has problems, but he is such a moaner.

Abercrombie said...

Eileen can't drive a car? Modern woman. Sometimes one is driven to think some of the residents have very small lives, or is it all of the residents? It must be quite a challenge to think up new storylines, but I know that the blogs I read on here make a lot more sense and would not go on repeating hackneyed plots. Oh dear, did I get out of the wrong side of the bed??

Pat said...

Big fail from the props department this week. Ken's will consisted of 1 sheet of paper with 2 or 3 lines of writing on it. It was very clever of Tracy to find out who was getting what from that!
Another thing that is bugging me is the background tv/ radio noise that seems to be coming through loudly during recent scenes, I find it distracting.

Maricha said...

All the more strange because there are so many vehicles and drivers in both her personal and work lives. Her son is a builder and she works for a small cab company and never saw the need to learn to drive if only to go pick up supplies in a pinch or move a vehicle from one location to another? The show was already pushing it by having Roy make such a big deal about learning to drive but he's meant to be a bit unusual, what's Eileen's excuse?

Rapunzel said...

They only turn the background music up so Tvor can give out her musical ambience award :)

Tvor said...

It's not so unusual living in a large city with a few transportation options that someone might not bother learning to drive.

Tilly Flop said...

I agree, l live in Manchester and do not drive. I have a successful career, which hasn't been hindered by having to travel by bus. When not traveling by bus, i walk. It's that so wrong?

Abercrombie said...

No Tilly Flop, no. I commend movement by public transport and walking - I do it myself - saving the environment
The point I was making was as much about the smallness of life (jobs in the street, etc) as Eileen's lack of driving skills. After all, she doesn't commute to work every day or go anywhere very much except hang around at home. She is dull and unadventurous. A big difference from your own life, I see from your words.


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