Saturday, 8 April 2017

Why Eileen's new car will end up in carnage

Eileen's win of a car in a competition she can't remembering entering sent a shiver of anticipation along our sofa last night.  Because, when you give a woman a set of wheels in Weatherfield then disaster must follow - for it is the Corrie way.

Remember when Karen McDonald won a car for the Barlows on TV gameshow, Top of the Tree. That car ended up on fire and Tracy assumed that Karen had killed Amy, who had been in the car at the time.

Watch the Barlows win the car on the gameshow, here:


And what about Vera Duckworth?  She was driving a "cut and shut" car that had been put together by son Terry. Vera bumped the car into Judy Mallett, which ultimately resulted in Judy's death after the crash caused an embolism in Judy's leg.

And when Claire Peacock ended up behind the wheel of the Weatherfield Wayfarer she knocked over  Chesney's dog Schmeichel on her first day.

Are there any more examples of women behind the wheel ending in tragedy?  I wonder what lies ahead for Eileen!

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Stephen Feldman said...

Not sure it will happen in carnage, however, it's more likely Phelan either gets it stolen or does something to get some money out of it as what he has begins to dry up.

dulyquoted said...

Annie Walker bought her Rover 2000 and almost instantly hit something and got breathalyzed.

Scott Willison said...

Emily looks incredibly unconcerned there. I think she's more worried about the washing getting dirty.

Graeme N said...

Renee Roberts meeting her maker whilst learning to drive in 1980!

donna harris said...

Funny enough...A distant relative of Eileen...Elsie Tanner. She took driving lessons from Stanley Ogden which resulted in Hilda going round banging on the door and causing a scene. Don't think Elsie turned out to be the greatest driver either.

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