Thursday, 13 April 2017

Coronation Street: What is wrong with Johnny Connor?

What is wrong with Jonny Connor, does anyone know?

On Friday night this week we'll see Johnny stumble and fall when he collapses on the cobbles. You can read more on that here.

He tells daughter Kate that it's pre-wedding nerves.

Meanwhile, Bridezeilla Bradley hasn't even noticed that anything's wrong. As long as Johnny's bank balance is healthy, that's all that matters to Jenny!

Trembling hands like Johnny's could, perhaps, suggest the onset of Parkinson's Disease. It's not a story that Corrie has ever done before, as far as I know.  Or could it just be, as Johnny tells Kate, pre-wedding nerves?

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Maricha said...

Maybe Jenny is poisoning him so she can be a merry widow soon after the ceremony? She's definitely got a screw loose.
Or, it will turn out to be something genetic and when every Connor kid gets tested some surprising news about who isn't biologically his comes out.

Pat said...

By the way she behaved towards Michelle in Weds episode I am surprised Johnny wants to marry such a harridan.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the poor man's heart doesn't give out or he doesn't have a stroke. This wedding business with Jenny seems like a nightmare.

vintgal003 said...

Really enjoy the character of Johnny....hope he ends his engagement to Jenny....maybe then, he will feel better!

Louby said...

I thought possibly MND? I agree with Pa, why would he want to marry someone so nasty, especially to another member of his family. Although the writers seem to be trying to make her a bit more likeable, it's not working for me!

Anonymous said...

i think possibly early signs of MS

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