Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Tracy suspects Amy of attacking Ken

In next week's Coronation Street we'll see Tracy suspect Amy of attacking Ken!

When Amy confides in Tracy that she hates Ken as he refused to lend her the money to buy the florists, Tracy begins to suspect that her daughter attacked Ken.  When she begins to fear the worst about Amy, Adam’s also fuming about being questioned again by the cops.  He's taken in by the cops to be quizzed again but after Adam's released the cops decide that Tracy and Amy know more than they're letting on.

The cops decide to pay Tracy and Amy another visit to question them about Ken's attack. This prompts Tracy to tell Amy to pack a bag, they're going to run away! 

It wouldn't be Amy who attacked Ken, would it?

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Maricha said...

Tracy's been growing a maternal instinct for a while, it's interesting to see it kick into high gear even if running from the police isn't the best plan.

maggie muggins said...

Even though all the "suspects" have been filmed with guilty looks on their faces many times, I've always wondered if it could Amy.

Anonymous said...

I am very uncomfortable with the idea that it could be Amy, I would hope the writers would do better than to use a child in this way.

C in Canada said...

I wondered about it being Amy from the beginning, from when she threw a hissy fit for him not giving her money for a new violin, and then blaming him for not treating her and her mum like his 'real' kids.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie---is it just me, but surely the person will turn out to be Rob (Donovan)? Clearly Tracy has been hiding him on the street from around the time of Ken's fall. The day after was when she started surreptitiously vanishing and reappearing; and it was also right after Ken's fall that she got so snappish with Luke, especially about the boarded up gym (which I'm sure is where Rob is hiding).

My guess is that it will turn out that Rob went to the house to find Tracy, had an unexpected altercation with Ken, and then later located Tracy and told her he had just escaped. It will turn out to be NO ONE in the family--although they are all heavily implicated--and a secondary character who is not staying on the show (as numerous people have said).

Humpty Dumpty said...

I like that theory, Anonymous, except that Tracy would have guessed Rob assaulted Ken. Unless it's a big red herring to kid us viewers, Tracy wouldn't seem to genuinely suspect Amy. I think it's Seb who has been shown to hit out when crossed.

Maricha said...

Those are great points. If it's anyone, it's Seb.

Tvor said...

I reckon Tracy may suspect Amy but Amy is lying because she suspects her mother. Each is trying to cover for the other.

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