Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Sally's troll is caught

Next week on Coronation Street we'll see Rosie and Sophie go all out to protect their mum.  The Webster girls want answers and hunt down Sally's online troll.

Rosie and Sophie use the address they found at the Weatherfield Gazette office  to track down Sally’s online troll. Once they find her, the girls approach the troll, a woman called Leah and accuse her of harassing Sally.

But Leah claims her mum is the culprit and promises to have a word.

Now, this is really interesting because Leah is the name of the daughter of Sally's sister Gina Seddon, who is rumoured to be returning to Coronation Street. 

Confused? Have a look at this.

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Tvor said...

So I wonder if it's actually Sally's sister who is trolling her? Jealousy? Mental illness? It would be far more interesting than if the daughter was doing it.

Laura said...

I can't imagine why it would be her sister - didn't Sally stay with her for an extended visit not all that long ago?

She must have left one too many toast crumbs in the butter!!!!

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