Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Guess who gets a Weatherfield windfall?

Ooh, this sounds intruigng.  In next week's Coronation Street we'll see one of the regular members of the cast come in for some money when a windfall comes their way. 

It's David Platt who is in the money next week, says Inside Soap magazine. He's stunned to find out that he's unexpectedly come into some cash at the same time as Anna and Kevin's financial situation grows worse.

David's windfall comes from one of his former salon clients who has included him in her will.  And although David's over the moon with the money, as you can imagine, Gary's not best pleased.  He thinks David should give the money with his mum Anna, whom David almost killed when his car ploughed into parked cars on the street last year.

Will David keep the cash or hand it over to Anna? We'll have to wait and see.

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Zagg said...

That'll be interesting. I hope he does not give it to Anna, even though I guess she does deserve something. She's such a screeching fish wife lately...or always. The way she screamed at Faye for the tattoo was actually uncomfortable to watch. Faye most definitely deserved punishment. But Anna was extremely foolish to give her 100 pounds when she couldn't pay the bills.
So, I hope David keeps the money. That would be way more fun.

Enhas said...

I'd like it more if the windfall isn't actually real, and it's Gail's way of getting back at him.

So we'd end up with the classic plot of someone spending money before they have it, with David taking out a loan to pay Anna in advance before he gets the money, then finding out there's no money and Anna not giving what he gave her back. David (and by extension, the rest of his family) would be left destitute and a huge war between the Platts and Windasses would begin.

Tamar said...

Maybe David will buy The Rovers!

Newfy Pearl said...

OMG!!!! The Platts behind the bar. I LOVE IT TO PIECES!!!!!!!
Now I really want to see Gail serving at the Rovers. David could ship her and Sarah and her kids over there and have the house to himself. Oh my....I want this so badly now. lol

Zagg said...

Oooh...Enhas! I LOVE that possibility. A prank by Gail would be awesome. Maybe we'd see the return of Evil David for a bit. LOL

Maricha said...

Yes!!! That would be perfect in every way.