Friday, 12 May 2017

Rosie Webster - Corrie's new feminist icon?

I write this blog post with my hard hat firmly in place for all the flak that will come my way. I've only just recovered from the comments posted to my blog post asking Is Michelle  the new Elsie Tanner? 

I'm going to ask if Rosie Webster could be the new feminist icon of Coronation Street?

Now, hold on a minute. Before you start huffing at your computer / tablet / fluffy-pink diamante-encrusted phone / let's just weigh up the evidence.

Yes, she's vaccuous, not that bright and has her head filled with frilly kittens.


... she also carved out a career for herself which is more, much more, than many Corrie women do. Okay, she was modelling in her pants, but she was earning her own money and paying her own way.

And that's not all. Rosie even dared to - gulp - leave Weatherfield to live in that London of all places. And - heaven fobid - she even went foreign and lived overseas.

Rosie is her own woman. She's not beholden to any fella (at the minute) and hasn't fallen for the charms of Adam Barlow, despite his best efforts. She took what she wanted from him with a night of rumpy-pumpy and then left him wanting more.

With her sister Sophie, she's not scared of getting her manicured nails dirty and the two of them are proving that sisters really are doing it for themselves (even if the window-cleaning round is owned by Tim!).  You can find out more about Weatherfield Window Cleaners here.

So let's hear it for Rosie Webster. May her pretty little head continue to pout, rule and  conquer the comedy on Coronation Street.  And let's hear it for Helen Flanagan too, for bringing such a character to life.

Our blogger Stevie Dawson interviewed Helen Flanagan, who plays Rosie Webster. You can read his interview here. 

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Newfy Pearl said...

LOL I love it! Plus in her youth she dared to go goth and had a Romeo/Juliet kind of romance with Craig Harris.
Then she played Lolita to John Stape.
And didn't she blackmail her mother at one point regarding Sally's affair with Davenport? I forget if it was to stay in her posh school or go on a trip to Paris.
And when she was in a relationship with Jason - which seemed well suited - she dropped that to pursue her career.
She knows what she wants and takes it! lol
Our Rosie knows what she wants and how to get it! And she does not care one bit what people think. :-)
Enjoyed your write up! xo

C in Canada said...

Good points....and she also didn't have any qualms about tracking down Sally's troll either - got results!

Laura said...

Interesting point of view - she definitely has gumption and nerve to go after what she wants. She tried her best to seduce Tony Gordon when she worked in the office at the factory, a la Linda Baldwin, and when that didn't work she figured out Carla was having an affair with Liam, got evidence on her phone and used it to blackmail Carla and get power that way. Not sure how "feminist" those moves are, but it was pretty brave and brazen to take Carla on.

I really liked that it was Rosie who spearheaded finding out who her Mom's troll was and discouraged Sally from giving up on herself. Her protectiveness of her mother (and Kevin when she was willing to go back to modelling to help him pay his debts) shows a strength of character and lack of selfishness that is often missing in her supposedly smarter and Christian younger sister.

Rosie has made lots of mistakes and is far from perfect, but I like her on the street and think she's a stronger woman than many others, including Sophie, Michelle, Maria, etc. She's not afraid to take life by the horns and risk getting gored, and when she does fall down she bounces back, ready to try again. She enjoys men but doesn't depend on them and is fine standing on her own two feet without looking for a man to give her life meaning.

Not a half bad character!

Laura said...

Just remembered too...when Craig decided to run away he wanted Rosie to go with him and start a new life elsewhere. She loved him and was going to go along but ultimately realized leaving was in his best interest, not hers, and stayed. Even from a young age she's been able to see the bigger picture and look out for number one, not just go along with whatever some guy thinks is best.

Maricha said...

I can see it. Lol!
Though Rosie has always acted a bit dim , I've never shaken the feeling that it was an act. As you pointed out, Rosie has often shown she could outmaneuver people who, on paper, looked smarter than her like Carla. I'm convinced she manipulated Adam into taking those drugs so she'd never be held accountable for traveling with them.
Whatever she is, she's interesting to watch.

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