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Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 15th May

Toyah has spent the night on her step-step-sister's couch, following her confession to Eva that she had the implant behind Peter's back. Failing to understand why she stayed out all night, Peter gets more sense out of Tracy, who tells him she has the money to buy the florist, meaning Peter can finally put in a proper offer for the pub. He then calls the IVF clinic to book an appointment and finds out the truth - that the "love of his life" has been lying to him. He confronts her and she hits back, telling him that he's an addict, that it's in his DNA to lie, and that she thinks he attacked both Chloe and Ken.

In the other Battersby household, Leanne is sleep-deprived and tetchy, turning down Nick's suggestion to have a naming ceremony. Nick is determined though, even enlisting David's support and his friend Paul (friend? Nick doesn't have any friends) to find a celebrant (not a vicar, even though they lend an air, as Gail says, of dignitas) at short notice, specifically short to stop Steve attending. Whilst Nick is organising, Peter drops in for a heart to heart, which leads Leanne to storm 'round chez Crazy Chloe to persuade her to drop the charges, a minute or two before Battersby Jnr turns up to do the same. They try her with a taste of her own medicine, saying they'll file an assault charge against Chloe if she doesn't drop the one against Peter. Chloe gives in pretty quickly; she even admits that Peter was with her the night that Ken took a tumble. Although she does point out Peter could've dunnit after he left Chloe, culminating in Leanne saying that she'll give a false alibi for Peter. Ooh, those Battersby girls, what they won't do for Peter B. Including lying to Nick, who admits to David that HE did see Peter that night, but he isn't going to go to the police. I bet Nicky T lies awake at night deciding who hates most: Peter or Steve, Steve or Peter.

Luke's showing a weird interest in Kevin's sex life, asking if he and Anna had a night of lurve. Is this a normal question to ask one's boss? Tyrone is more sensitive, suggesting Kev take Anna away for a couple of nights. Anna's got other things on her mind though as Fay(e) begs kindly Uncle Pat to take her to Young Offenders, to which he concurs but unfortunately Anna spots her getting into Phelan's van. Anna suspects the worst and so Faye fesses up quickly enough, but not quick enough to stop Anna driving off with Phelan's transit. Anna is angry that Faye is hanging around with bad boys, first delinquent Seb, now evil Phelan (anyone who's read the spoilers know that they're closer than it might seem). The upshot is that Faye moves in with Gary and Izzy and Anna refuses to go to the hotel with Kev.

Shona pretends she has a job in Wolverhampton, news of which gets to David, who finds her to say goodbye. It's a bit Take A Break ("My son murdered my new boyfriend's wife!") but I actually think it could work: they make a cute couple and they've already bonded over i) the dog and ii) taking the piss out of Gail. Anyway, we know Shona's gonna be in it for a while. All it takes is a quiet word from Roy and one drink in the pub to change her mind. Then again, when did paying someone to leave ever work?

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Anonymous said...

1) Why did Toyah get piss-drunk after one failed store-bought pregnancy test? She's been through several rounds of IVF. She has to know enough to go to the clinic and get a blood test to be sure.
2) If Toyah thinks Peter is a lying addict, why did she go to Chloe's house to confront her? And how do the sisters know where Chloe lives?
3) Why is Peter's ability to buy the pub contingent on Tracy buying the flower shop? Did I miss something?

Other than that, Leanne's menacing glare at Chloe was superb! Almost as good as evil David.

abbyk said...

Peter owns the property the florists is in. It used to be his bookies shop. He leases to Tracy, I think at below market rate. It's all the capital he has.

Naysayer said...

Isn't it funny, once they know that an actor is leaving, they make their character really unlikeable. They've done it several times in the past, now they are doing it with Nick Tilsley. He gets nastier every time we see him.

Louby said...

Nice little twist, Nick having actually seen Peter that night. Will no doubt have some consequence in the future. Good episodes last night.

Maricha said...

I know. Heaven forbid they simply have Nick not willing to be a a good father to one more of Leanne's kids yet have some dolt push him aside to play Daddy when the mood takes them.

I know I'd break it off and move on or away. No need for drama.

Let Leanne sort it out and pray that witch Michelle doesn't reconcile with Steve just to get custody of Ollie away from her.

Maricha said...

Yes, I remember thinking that with Nick going on nightly jogs to clear his head, it was odd that he didn't either see Ken's attacker or Tracy sneaking in and out of the gym.
But, seeing who couldn't have attacked Ken works too:-)

abbyk said...

I'm glad they haven't touched the Nick and David dynamic. I love when the two of them have a chat. David's gonna miss him when he's gone-- hope he doesn't spiral out.

Tvor said...

Nick has never been a nice guy. He's always had a nasty, selfish, passive aggressive side to him. Even before his head injury!

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