Thursday, 13 April 2017

What's Mel hiding? Corrie's Sonia Ibrahim reveals all

What's Mel hiding behind the counter at the tanning salon, we wonder?

Actor Sonia Ibrahim, who plays Mel, has revealed why her character hasn’t warned or helped Bethany.

In an exclusive interview with Metro, Sonia says: "I knew from the beginning that Mel had a history with Nathan in the same way as what is happening to Bethany so I knew when taking on the role that she had been his victim,” the actress told the Metro.

“The things that she is doing for Nathan are to try save herself so she doesn’t have to go back there and do those things.

“That’s definitely her biggest fear – Mel knows exactly what Nathan is capable of because she has been through it all. She doesn’t want to be on that end of it; she’d rather stay on this end of it.”

"She feels really bad; as the scenes go on, you see a bit more of a human side to Mel".

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like the actress very much. I hope her character can stay when the storyline ends, rather like Steph stayed after Tina died.

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