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Monday, 3 April 2017

Tonight: Ian Puleston-Davies on TV, OCD - An Actor's Tale

Former Coronation Street actor Ian Puleston-Davies, who played Owen Armstrong on the show, has always been open about having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 

And tonight on BBC One Wales, the Welsh actor is featured in a documentary called OCD - An Actor's Tale.  

The programme will air at 8.30pm on the channel.  You can watch it on catch up afterwards, the link is here.

In the programme, Ian talks about his OCD, which he says is much misunderstood. He speaks to fellow sufferers, including a mother and daughter who have agreed to fixed cameras being installed in their home to show the extent to which OCD can take over people's lives.

He says: "Filming with the BBC, I went back to my old junior school for the first time since I'd left. The memories came flooding back. Walking the corridors, there were the pictures of the old head teacher, and then I came across a photograph from 1969 and there I was. I'm part of the school Eisteddfod choir and we're waving up at the photographer up on his ladder.

"I'm waving, but I'm the only one not looking at camera - my eyes are down - probably worrying about some small thing - OCD captured in time.

"For years I couldn't go to the cinema because I'd be obsessing about why a couple sitting behind me had decided to watch that film that night, why he chose that tie, what was in her handbag, where were they going to eat later, and so on and so on.

"It feels a bit like my mind is like a whale catching all the krill. The krill being the thousands of thoughts that go through our minds every day.

You can watch a short clip from tonight's show here.

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Catsmom said...

I miss Owen, he's one actor I wish would return. He had that special voice he used that meant "Listen up because I'm really pissed off."

Newfy Pearl said...

When I met him he was so sweet and down to earth and really makes an effort to TALK to you. I really liked his character and too bad for Corrie that he left.

Maricha said...

I miss that character. He's an excellent actor.

Newfy Pearl said...

His life took a turn for the worse financially when he got involved with Kevin's is now. Too bad because she is such a good character. Is this going to be her lot in life on Corrie? Most of Gail's husbands end up dead, and Anna's boyfriends end up bankrupt. :-(

Maricha said...

Well, both bankruptcies have been caused by Phelan's dirty tricks so hopefully when he finally goes away her menfolk will get to keep their money.

Rapunzel said...

He should return if only to get revenge on Phelan!

Louby said...

Revenge on Phelan would be brilliant. When Vinnie ran off with the money, I thought how good it would have been if he had been secretly in it with Owen, to fleece Phelan.

Lee said...

Oh Louby, that would have been the best. Just one quick scene with Owen meeting Vinny, and shaking hands. That's all we would need. Darn, that could have been brilliant!!!!!!!!

Maricha said...

Owen would never be involved in something like that: it wouldn't be Phelan he was really getting his money back from but Corrie residents.


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