Saturday, 1 April 2017

State of the Street March 2017

What a month we've had on The Street! Mayhem and attempted murder. Stalkers and pretend ghosts. Revenge and heartbreak. Just another month, then. Michelle vented her rage and attempted to lash out any way she could, forcing Steve to decide to sell the pub. Peter, recovering alcoholic, thinks it's a great idea to buy the pub and that causes a lot of ructions all around him. He's got someone else causing ructions, too, with the stalkery Chloe.

Daniel has had a traumatic few weeks. He is head over heels for Sinead who gets pregnant just as his dream to go to Oxford looks to be coming true. What to do? Ken sticks his neb and oar in and shames Sinead into deciding to abort the baby for Daniel's future. Things don't go well when that comes out, as you can imagine.

The big story comes at the end of the month with an attempted murder. Ken lands at the bottom of the stairs and the police think it's clear someone's pushed him. Most of his family and one other at least are harbouring a huge grudge against him. April will be concerned with figuring out who it was. My money's on a secondary character.

All this and more on this month's State of the Street.

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donna harris said...

Someone here suggested Eccles as a secondary (Derelict I think) character who Ken trips over!!

All in all a fairly fast moving month. A couple of my favourite scenes? The moment between Sally and Tim when she tells him that her cancer has come back...annnnnnnndd....the scene where Todd plays a prank on Phelan. I thought that was great, not just because it entertained Todd, but because WE KNOW that Pat did away (we think) with Andy.
Great synopsis..thanks very much

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Yes and I still say he tripped over the dog. Someone else pointed out that that wouldn't cause the bruises on his wrists, but that could've happened on his way down the stairs. We all know how inept the local police are in Weatherfield, especially that lady copper who was also involved in the Kaz "murder". Very sloppy indeed.

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