Monday, 17 April 2017

Shona's secret revealed tonight in Coronation Street

In tonight's Coronation Street, Shona Ramsey's secret will finally be revealed.

Some Corrie fans have been guessing that she might be Clayton's mum, or sister.  Others have thought that Shona might be a step-sister to Kylie and Becky.

Whatever it is, it all comes tumbling out tonight inside the Platt house.

Shona will reveal her secret to Gail after Shona overhears Sarah and Gail discussing David's guilt over Ann's burn after he threatened to blow up Clayton's prison van.  Shona's stunned by what she hears.

Then, Gail and Shona have a heart to heart and Shona stuns Gail with her secret.

I like this storyline. It's been a slow burner with no spoilers. Just the way I like my Corrie! 

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1 comment:

Tilly Flop said...

Glad there's been no spoilers to this. Not the reveal i wished for, i was hoping she'd be related to Kylie and Becky in some. She could've been a lovely aunty to Max and Lilly. With this version, it'll all end in tears

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