Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Shona's secret revealed plus loads more Coronation Street spoilers

Secrets are revealed in next week's Coronation Street when Shona spills the beans to Gail. But what could it be that Shona's been hiding? Is she, as some fans predict, Clayton's mum?  Shona's secret is revealed. Find out more here.

Coronation Street actor Paula Lane, who played Kylie Platt, left the show some time ago. But now her husband is joining the show! Yes, actor Tom Shaw will be seen on the cobbles next week as Paula Lane's husband joins Coronation Street - find out more here

There's fresh meat on the Street which puts a smile on Fiz's face but upsets Tyrone. A new character Kim joins Coronation Street - find out more here
After Freddie's fruit machine win, Rita's been in a huff with him. Next week we'll see him leave Weatherfield, but will Rita forgive him? - find out more here

Bridezilla Bradley picks her bridesmaid next week in Coronation Street. Her wedding plans will cause anguish for Johnny this week, but who has Jenny picked to be her bridesmaid...  find out who it's going to be!

As Bethany and Nathan's storyline turns ever more creepy and nasty, could it be Craig that will help save Bethany from Nathan? Find out more here
And why does Amy get Adam arrested? Find out here.

Finally, we breathe a sigh of relief when Sally's troll is caught - find out more here

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Linda Shockley said...

Maybe I'm getting partial amnesia, but who is Clayton?

Maricha said...

The guy who killed Kylie in the street.

Linda Shockley said...

Ah yes, thank you!

Jo said...

I thought Clayton was Macca's brother, Shona is surely way too young to be his mother.

Maricha said...

Well, I think Clayton could have been ( or was?) judged as a juvenile and if Shona was groomed and used by Nathan she might have had a baby as a very young girl.
Strictly speaking does Sarah look old enough to be Bethany's mom? Yet she is because she had a child when she was still a child herself.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Clayton & Macca had different mothers.

Newfy Pearl said...

No way is she Clayton's mom....too coincidental for her and Sarah to be both 13 year old mothers.
I am so looking forward to the reveal! And I love how she and Gail seem to have bonded. I think if she is helpful in Bethany's situation it will cement her with the clan.....she is obviously meant for David.

Anonymous said...

I think she's Clayton's aunt. We might find that Clayton's mother was/is estranged from her family and her sister, Shona, having read about Clayton's death, came looking for her.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Actually, I'm Anonymous at 11.52. How did that happen? I didn't even press 'publish'.

C in Canada said...

Shona's got history with Nathan too - remember the scene in Roy's, where she very obviously detests him?
There's something going on there, but there's also obviously some link to Kylie as well, since Gemma remembers her.

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