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Monday, 3 April 2017

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Monday 3 April

Monday 3rd April 2017
Ken comes round in hospital. He is aghast when the police inform him that someone attacked him and left him for dead. Unable to recall the night in question, Ken takes exception when Mackinnon hints that a family member could be responsible. The Barlows visit Ken. He's surprised to see Peter, Tracy and Adam, given their recent acrimony towards him. Ken eyes his family with suspicion, desperately trying to jog his memory. Adam is embarrassed when Ken mentions his dabbling in drugs but plays it down in front of the others. Once the Barlows start bickering, Ken suddenly feels overwhelmed and, hitting the panic button, summons a nurse to remove them all.

Adam admits he never went back to Canada, leaving Tracy, Daniel and Peter even more wary of his lies. Adam asks Rosie to give him an alibi. Rosie refuses but when Adam threatens to expose her drug smuggling and drag Sally's name through the mud, she's torn between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Sinead refuses to visit Ken, saying it should just be family at his bedside. Back from the hospital, Daniel explains to Sinead that Ken has no memory of the night he was attacked and therefore still thinks she's pregnant.

Simon asks Peter to retrieve his confiscated mobile phone from his history teacher. Audrey breaks her arm when she trips in the salon. Still brooding over Seb, Faye turns down Anna's offer of a pub meal, saying she's staying in to work on an art project with Craig. However, Craig lets slip to Gary that he has no plans with Faye.

Monday 3rd April 2017

Peter tracks down Simon's teacher and asks for Simon's mobile. Peter tries without success to crack the security passcode on Simon's mobile. Unable to access Simon's phone, grim-faced Peter fetches a hammer and smashes it to bits before retrieving the SIM card and cutting it up. What is Peter trying to hide?

Ken calls the police back to his bedside and, with a heavy heart, admits that his family could well have motives for attacking him. DS Mackinnon is taken aback to learn of the various grievances Ken's family held against him. Mackinnon calls at No.1 to question Adam about Ken's account of their feud. Adam is forced to admit he never left the country but confidently asserts that he was with his girlfriend Rosie on the night in question.

Sinead drowns her sorrows in the Rovers. Having been summoned by a concerned Chesney, Beth drags a plastered Sinead out of the pub. Beth is deeply alarmed when Sinead bitterly blames Ken for killing her baby and wishes whoever attacked him had finished the job.

Rita and Audrey are intrigued to note a charged moment between Brian and Cathy, and wonder how Roy would react. Gary accuses Faye of lying about doing art with Craig while planning to meet Seb. Faye tearfully insists that Seb is history and she just wanted to be alone.

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Cobblestone said...

All right, I'm ready to call this Ken mystery. Bearing in mind we have no idea what that policeman said to Tracy on Friday night, though he said it was nothing to do with Phelan's arrest/Ken's attack, I'm ready to suggest that Ken was attacked by ... Rob Donovan!
He's escaped; he came looking for Tracy and ran right into Ken, who would have tried to call the police. We know he's returning and has been seen in set. We know Kate Oates said their would be a 'couple of faces' returning from the Barlows' past. We now know one is Denise Osbourne: the other is Rob. Let's face it; he has form for being 'the guilty one'.

Newfy Pearl said...

I loved the episode tonight. Especially the banter between Peter and Tim - the pike in the back of a cavalier was too funny. Good job writers!

abbyk said...

Ken overwhelmed and scared, then relying on his most trusted friend, WR really knocked it out of there park again tonight, and he did it lying down. He's the part of this story I'm loving. The kids, eh, not so much. Tracy's still selfish, Adam is still a lying scum, Daniel still doesn't know right from left, Sinead still can't hold her liquor but Chesney's still holding a torch, and Peter, what was that with the phone (nothing from Monday could be on it since it was locked up, and smashing it with a hammer isn't going to hide phone logs, or a lot of other stuff). Surprised Amy and Simon can't visit, they aren't babies.

Louby said...

The conversation between Peter and the teacher, then Brian popping up, was hilarious. "Are you sure you won't come? There's a hog roast!"

I quite like the Rob theory, but not sure I want him to commit another serious crime so soon!

Newfy Pearl said...

abbyk - good point about Amy and Simon...afterall they were in the hospital when Ken had his stroke.
As for the phone being locked up....apparently Peter left an incriminating voicemail. But if that is the case....wouldn't it just show up on Si's new phone when he gets one? lol


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