Sunday, 2 April 2017

Mary's son to return to Coronation Street

There's a story in The Sun today which says Mary Taylor's son Jude is returning to Coronation Street.  As with all tabloid spoilers, this is only a rumour. Nothing has been confirmed by ITV.

The Sun's story says that "it’s thought Jude’s family will move in permanently too.”  This could mean his child - Mary's grandchild - and his partner or wife too.

Mr Curry Sauce tells The Sun: “When bosses announced that there would be an extra episode every week, they knew they needed more characters and storylines."

Find out who else is leaving, joining and returning to Coronation Street.

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Louby said...

That would be great, a good way to build Mary's character, with her own family.

Maricha said...

That would be great for Mary. I would love to see that Mother she keeps bringing up.

Christine O'Connor said...

Where will they live? Isn't Mary lodging with Dev, Erica and the twins since her motor home was towed?

vintgal003 said...

HOPE the rumour is true! Would make for great story lines to expand Mary's 'past' life! She would be giddy to show off her family to the rest of the Street...keep us posted.

Cobblestone said...

CHRISTINE: They're building an entirely new street.

Wim Lammens said...

I would love that! When the 'secret son' story played out, I found it such a wasted opportunity that Mary would find him and that he would turn out such a nice guy, only for her to lose him again days later.

Zagg said...

Right. Her son will come with a deep dark secret from South Africa, that will eventually have people following him to Weatherfield which will put Mary's life in danger. His wife will sleep with Peter Barlow and Toyah will kidnap the baby!
I can just see it now.LOL

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