Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Freddie leaves Weatherfield

Poor Freddie. He's not been on the cobbles two minutes and he's off. I'll miss him as I liked him a lot.

He asks Rita to accompany him to the Rovers for a farewell drink but she turns his offer down. Rita's still in a huff over their fall out over the fruit machine.

He tries again to make amends with Rita before leaving the street. Will she give him a send off? Or send him away with a flea in Freddie's ear?

The actor who plays Freddie is leaving the show to do this - read all about it here.

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Maricha said...

It's too bad Freddie is leaving.
This is the tackiest Rita has ever been. And, this coming so soon on the heels of her lying to the police for Michelle just because she got a few free drinks. I thought she was supposed to rub off on Gemma and not the other way around.

Flo said...

Another underused character. I really liked Freddie too, he was a nice addition. :(

abbyk said...

It's a shame. Freddie and Audrey had the sort of fun relationship you'd hope would develop further. Other than the actor wanting to leave, there's no reason for the character to. He's old enough to retire and really only took the job as a way to keep busy after his wife died. Shame they couldn't come up with an enticing storyline. This fruit fiasco certainly isn't endearing.

Newfy Pearl said...

I think Rita is too forgiving of major things to let a little misunderstanding like this stop her from bidding her friend a fond farewell.

Laura said...

I agree, Newfy Pearl - it seems out of character for Rita to be this petty when she's forgiven far worse.

Zagg said...

Freddie is a great character and it is such a shame they didn't utilize him properly. How wonderful it would have been to see a really good storyline with him and Audrey. The unlikely friendship with Kylie was sweet. There were so many avenues they could have explored with his character rather than stick him in the garage.
He will be missed for sure.

Newfy Pearl said...

I agree! He was ideal for Audrey - good looking and fun loving.
He was working well with Luke...could have been a friend that was also a father figure.
Would have been interesting to see him have more interaction with the Platt family.....awww....the opportunities missed with this lovely character/actor.
I will miss him too.

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