Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Guess who Jenny Bradley asks to be her bridesmaid?

This is one Coronation Street wedding I can't wait to see and I hope with all my heart it's one that will go ahead on screen.

But who will Jenny ask to be her bridesmaid?

Well, in next week's Coronation Street, Jenny asks Johnny's daughter Kate to help her down the aisle.

Johnny loses his temper when he overhears Kate and Fiz discussing Jenny's wedding plans in the Rovers. He snaps at them, saying he’s sick of hearing about the wedding and Kate’s worried he’s getting cold feet.

Jenny asks Kate if she’ll be a bridesmaid at her and Johnny’s weddinng - but will Kate agree?

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1 comment:

Zagg said...

I can't see this wedding actually happening. It was so rushed. I really like Johnny and hope they don't box him in with Jenny being all crazy. If they do actually tie the knot, it would be great to see Jenny really turn herself around and become a true mogul business woman. Wouldn't that make Sally pea green with envy? LOL