Thursday, 13 April 2017

Coronation Street snubbed by the BAFTAS

Now then, I'm no expert on how nominations lists are put together but it seems to me that there must be a reason why the BAFTAS have not included our favourite soap in their list this year.

Yes, the BAFTAS have released their nominations list for the Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards in 2017.  It's online here if you'd like to view it.

And under the category of Soap and Continuing Drama there are four of the UK's soaps listed. Only four, as follows:

CASUALTY Production Team - BBC Studios/BBC One
EASTENDERS Production Team - BBC Studios/BBC One
EMMERDALE Production Team - ITV Studios/ITV
HOLLYOAKS Bryan Kirkwood, Emily Gascoyne, Vikki Tennant - Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Does anyone know how these nominations are put together and, more importantly to us Corrie fans, why Coronation Street isn't on the list this year?

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Linda Shockley said...

Maybe Corrie has won so often that BAFTA thought they'd give someone else a chance?

Maricha said...

The snubbing is a mystery since the show would likely be judged on a period covering Kylie's murder and the fallout from that which was an excellent storyline.

Anonymous said...

Well I noticed that Danny Dyer being told he was related to royalty is thought to be one of the six most memorable moments on tv, so I think that says it all about the shortlisting panel!

bluegardenia said...

Well in my opinion Corrie was left off the BAFTA list because they didn't deserve a nomination. Yes, Corrie had some memorable moments this past year as in the Kylie death. But they were mere moments. Most of the story lines have been totally unrealistic and ridiculous. I do not fault the actors I fault of course the writers.
This whole Nick and Leanne thing back and forth and back and forth...the Bethany story so very unrealistic not in the issue itself but in the way it is presented making everyone look stupid and moronic. Then there's the Ken Barlow saga...bringing back and introducing new unlikable characters..Adam, Daniel et al. Also, how much longer are we going to have to put up with Phelan? His crimes just go on and on with everyone just going about their business. Maria a totally unlikable character..her whole "prison" thing good grief how ridiculous...and now Gail wants this woman as a partner for David??? Come on..this is Gail we're talking about. Todd and his "vicar" totally ridiculous. Finally, I would comment on all the mysterious disappearances of character's who are gone "missing" for weeks on end with no credible explanation...IE: Audrey, Beth, Norris, Steve, Michelle, and on and on it goes. This is why they didn't get a nomination. Corrie writer's need to shape up.

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