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Coronation Street weekly update – Ken Barlow, Twisted Firestarter

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There’s bother at the Barlows when Adam sells Rosie’s drugs to a dealer called Ronan. Ronan’s girlfriend just happens to be the same woman whom Adam bedded a few weeks ago and when Ronan finds, he’s not best pleased.  Ronan’s so angered with Adam that he tells him he wants his drugs money back. He proves he means business when he turns up on the street and threatens Tracy and Amy if Adam doesn’t repay him. 

But when Adam goes to find the cash to repay Ronan, it’s going up in smoke as Ken burns it in the back yard.  Knowing his cash isn’t coming back, Ronan comes looking for Adam , beats him up and puts him in hospital. Ken rushes to his grandson’s hospital bedside and it’s an uncomfortable scene to watch, not least because the camera angle goes right up Adam’s bloodied nose. Ken tells Adam that he doesn’t want him in his life. He packs a bag for him, gives him an envelope full of cash and tells him to get back to Canada. Ken walks out of the hospital with tears in his eyes.

Sally’s protest against the sexist builder gathers apace and a couple of reporters come from The Gazette. One of them recognises Rosie from her “Pop my Cherry” days so they take her for a cocktail and ask her questions about the protest. However, Rosie’s words are twisted and then printed. Sally’s incensed when she reads Rosie’s words in The Gazette and demands an apology from the paper after Rosie tells her mum what the hacks have done. But when the apology’s printed, internet trolls start making remarks about Sally online.

Peter’s services as taxi driver are requested by the cool and calculating Chloe this week. She’s the only woman who sits around the house in stockings, heels and a leather skirt – Just. In. Case.  Well, it works for Peter and after he drops her off at her house he fights her temptress ways and drives off home, leaving her alone. But being Peter, he calls in on again later in the week for a spot of light flirting by the soft furnishings. He leaves his phone at Chloe’s house and when he goes back to collect it, Chloe’s already put a tracking device inside. Ooh! Crazy lady, great story.

Gemma takes Cathy on a night out and gets Cathy drunk on shots and cheap pints.  Cathy starts feeling ill just as Brian arrives to ask how she is, and she tells him – all over his shoes. Oh dear, and when she sobers up, she’s got some apologising to do.

Sinead and Daniel decide to keep the baby and the two of them settle in to domesticity up in the flat.  This relationship isn’t working for me as I really enjoy watching Daniel and think he should be with someone else.  Sinead says she needs to tell Chesney about the baby, as a courtesy, and Daniel agrees.  But now their decision has been made, Daniel receives an offer to do his MA at Oxford University.  

Over at the Rovers, prospective buyers come in, which gives Peter Barlow the idea to buy the place himself.  Ken reckons it’s a stupid idea (it is) but it doesn’t put Peter off.  Where’s Blanche when you need her, to tell it like it is? Peter puts the florists up for sale to help raise money to buy the pub. Tracy, as you can imagine, is not best pleased.

And finally this week, Sarah comes clean to Bethany about her ordeal as a young girl with an internet stalker. Bethany can’t see the comparisons between what her mum went through and what evil Nathan is doing to her.  Sadly, neither can Sarah (yet) and Nathan is invited for tea.

And that’s just about that for this week. 

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Newfy Pearl said...

I love that the writers made the connection with Sarah's experience when she was young. I kept holding my breath though for her to say how Martin had to break down the door to save her with Gail by his side.
Very realistic though that Bethany did not see how her situation is similar. Interesting to see Nathan's nasty side with what's her name. He is someone I would like to see meet up with Phelan in a dark alley. lol Cuz let's face it, even Phelan would find him slimey and disgusting.

abbyk said...

Stupid point but just because someone is buying a commercial property does not mean they want to open a business. They may be landlords who take a property with a standing tenant. If Tracy were smart, she'd make sure she had a solid multi year lease so if she got kicked out, she'd have to be compensated.

Maricha said...

Ken is being so hypocritical it's tiresome. He's worried about Adam's morals and Daniel's studies because of how it can reflect on him now that they live on his street. All the years he was absent in their lives they could have dropped out of school and been drug dealers or worse for all he cared.

Maricha said...

That's true and, in fact, it's very likely. The thing is that I don't think Tracy is paying much -if any - rent. When Peter couldn't pay out the bet Rob won, Tracy and Rob got paid in kind with free rent. Then Peter left so that situation may have stayed in place. No new landlord would put up with that.
She could get that lease but Peter may not want to do her that favor and make his property that much harder to sell.

Tvor said...

Tracy and Rob got free rent for 6 months but did start paying after that.

Newfy Pearl said...

That's right....thanks Tvor....thought I had imagined it. lol

Maricha said...

Thanks for the info :-)

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