Monday, 20 March 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 20th March

Sinead is looking at love-nests with Juliet balconies, but Ken is looking for at least one of his sons to "plant the Barlow flag on the summit of excellence", as Brian puts it. Ken organises a surpise party in the Bistro for Danny-boy, which which is definitely a surprise for Sinead (a place at Oxford!) and even more so for Ken (a baby!). Ken tries to get Sinead to end it with Daniel, telling her that Daniel'll start to resent her. Ken uses examples from his own life, decrying Deirdre's lack of intelligence, which upsets not only Sinead but (the eavesdropping) Tracy and Amy. Ironically, Sinead is the one who flies the coop, leaving Daniel with a note asking him not to contact her.

Peter lets Toyah believe that the regular customer that he's worried about is male, so she gives her blessing to her boyf going 'round to help "him" with the problems with "his" ex, which involves chains, although not in the way Chloe would like. She moves in for a kiss, which Peter (eventually) rejects, telling Chloe he can't see her any more. Toyah, in the worst blouse this side of Kate Connor's wardrobe, finds the money that Peter has saved from his tips that he claims he won on a horse called "Crazy Chloe".

Meanwhile Nick has come back, repentant after snogging Michelle, and agrees to let Steve have access to Oli/Oliver. Michelle, on the other hand, is persuaded not to tell Leanne about said snoggage and sashays off to Devon in a black cab. Let's hope Carla's paying the fare.

Phelan gives Seb a bit of advice - be less quick tempered: hot head never won fair maiden. BTW, isn't the ever moral Ken wondering why Evil Phelan has a 15 year old working on the Barlow kitchen (for free?) How long is Seb excluded from school for anyway? Anyway, he doesn't take Phelan's advice and lamps Jackson in the street, which leads to him being hauled off to junior chokey, Jackson's mum letting Anna know that Miley can't visit chez Windass any more, and Anna telling Fay(e) no more Seb.

And finally, Todd tries to persuade that the noise problems in Luke's flat are the ghosts of Tina and Michael haunting Pat. This could be fun, "like Amityville, with hotpot".

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Louby said...

Who else thought of Fawlty Towers when Toyah asked what the horse's name was?

No doubt the name he gave will come back to haunt him before long, possibly when Toyah and Chloe eventually meet.

Tvor said...

I do hope that's the last we see of that little toerag Seb

Cobblestone said...

Vicious little swine, isn't he? I very much doubt that's the end of him though. I suspect he's going to be a part of Phelan finally coming unstuck.

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