Friday, 31 March 2017

Tonight on Corrie: Pat Phelan's arrested - but did he push Ken?

Pat Phelan's nicked by the cops in tonight’s episodes of Coronation Street, on suspicion of attacking Ken Barlow.

The police arrest Phelan after his name comes up repeatedly in police interviews with the Barlows and, after hearing about how he rowed with Ken over the unfinished kitchen, Phelan is arrested.

You can read the full preview of tonight's Coronation Street here.

But did Phelan push Ken?  I reckon it's a red herring - and if you'd like to you can read my thoughts here.

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donna harris said...

Because Pat is the obvious choice...motive and was "first" on the scene. I am going to guess it was Adam.

I think he came to get the 200 that Amy left for him, Ken caught him, they argued and Ken "accidently" fell. Adam told Amy he didn't get the money. Why not? What stopped him?
Also the will is said to have been altered to exclude Tracy,Adam gets a larger share, when originally he was to get little. He needs money NOW

Adam Barlow.....attempted to kill Ken...just my guess!!

Tvor said...

It seemed like Amy didn't get a chance to stash the cash behind the clock like the message she'd left Adam. If she didn't, then Adam wouldn't have got the money. She left him messages not to look and he said he got them but did he? If it's going to be any of the Barlows, I think it would be Adam but if it's a secondary character, I'd go with Chloe or Seb

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

I still say he tripped over Eccles :-)

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