Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Chloe - mystery buyer of the Rovers Return?

Woah, there neddy! Now, I'm a fan of a crazy Corrie lady as much as the next person, but this Chloe one looks like she's going to be taking the flamin' biscuit!

In this week's Inside Soap magazine, they reveal that when Peter goes to put in his offer to buy the pub, Chloe's there, putting in an offer too!

Yes, next week in Coronation Street we'll see Chloe in talks with Steve and Liz to buy the pub, and she's got a cash offer for the McDonalds too. 

When Peter finds out what Chloe's up to, he drags her outside and lays down the law to stay away from him, his street and his boozer.  Chloe starts crying and it's Ken who finds her in tears on the cobbles.  Ken's really nice to Chloe, not realising she's after Peter and that Peter has been flirting back.

But Chloe soon fills Ken in on what Peter's been up to - and then, ooh, Ken - he goes round to see Toyah to tell her the truth!

Corrie producer Kate Oates today revealed that there will be a new name over the door at the Rovers Return

She's also revealed:

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Maricha said...

Ken better get tested for neurological damage from his stroke because he isn't his usual self. He snooped through Adam's things, was over the top about Sinead and now, telling Toyah about Peter's flirtations? Since when was he a busybody? All of this can't be good for his health.

Newfy Pearl said...

Dollars to donuts Ken will have an affair with her.

Maricha said...

It certainly sounds likely.

Louby said...

Have we all abandoned the idea that she could be Ken's never-seen granddaughter? That photo above suggests she's probably not though!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I bet Chloe is skint and the whole buying the pub thing is part of her fantasy.

Pat said...

Newfy Pearl, Ken is 77 and in poor health, why on earth should she want to have an affair with him?

Newfy Pearl said...

Pat...she is desperate enough to stalk an alcoholic taxi driver with a girlfriend...let's not assume this woman does not have issues. lol

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